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James Brown was known as the hardest working man in show business, but in his absence Nick Pride seems to have taken up the mantle. “I’m a frustrated workaholic. I love making music and as soon as one project is finished and ready to be sent to the label then I’m immediately thinking about the next one.” He admits.

There’s method to his rapidity though, particularly for latest album Go Deep. “The idea behind Go Deep was to be really efficient and pull everything together as quickly as possible. There’s a certain magic when a band is playing fresh material. While the songs might sound tighter the more you rehearse them, you risk losing that energy and forgetting what the original inspiration was.”

As the suggestive name suggests, they are donning their soul snorkels and entering the funk benthic, but with plenty of variety on the way there. “There’s hints of rhythm and blues and northern soul too. Some ballads, maybe more than on our previous records, but there are definitely a few songs that are intended to be the funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk.”

We’re a bunch of geeky nerds who work hard and try to get it right

James Brown famously fined tardy band members, and the tightness of the Pimptones’ licks, not to mention the suits, suggests that Nick is keen on graft too. “It’s really not so much a case of me running a tight ship, it’s more that each person in the band has a great attitude where they want it to sound as good as possible so they all want to put the time in. We never really get the chance to rehearse as much as I would like, but it comes down to the guys being super talented and able to do a great job on what little rehearsal we end up getting. I think that the key to having a happy band is having people who like to work in the same way as each other. So if you have a band full of stoners then that’s fine, or if you’re all lads oot on the hoy, that’s cool too as long as everyone is on the same page. We’re a bunch of geeky nerds who work hard and try to get it right.”

Nick’s enthusiasm is obvious, and I could easily fill three articles with what we discussed, but I feel it is important to mention the significance a certain legend has for him. “Prince was an enormous part of what made me fall in love with music in the first place. Watching Prince live is like being taken to funk school. This whole music thing that us mere normal folk like to try to do, Prince was the best. Will there ever be anyone who is better at doing all of that music stuff? I doubt it.”

Nick Pride & The Pimptones release their new album, Go Deep, on 3rd June. They play Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle on Friday 10th June.


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