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We catch up with wrestler Michael Caden, aka Micky Deathmatch becomes the world’s first independent wrestler to sign with a record as Sad For Life Records have officially signed the man currently fighting in RISE: Underground.

With a career that has shown a skill in hardcore wrestling, it’s this raw energy that suits Sad For Life Record’s DIY ethos and finds him joining an eclectic mix of bands. We caught up with Michael to find out more.

How does it feel to be the first independent wrestler to sign for a record label?
It’s a great feeling, as a performer I always look to think outside the box and with this venture I feel we have a chance to be a part of something that has never been done before and that truly excites me.

What excites you most about this venture?
The chance to be on a label that I truly believe in and get to share a platform with such talented people is an unbelievable thing. I am also greatly excited to bring my style of hardcore wrestling to the label and open some eyes to a platform that I and that lads who run label are truly passionate about.

Who are your wrestling heroes?
It’s so hard to pick one hero within wrestling because, a lot like music, I find you have different heroes at different points that all mean something to you for a load of reason. Sabu, Bull Nakano and Hyabusa are at the very front of that conversation but I could talk all day about it and give you a never ending list

And your musical heroes?
Music is in the same vain as the last question as I honestly can’t pick just one as different bands mean different things for different reasons, when I was younger I was big into Emo bands that I still to this day like such as Taking Back Sunday and Aiden but more recently I’ve grown towards more grungy punk type bands like Strike Anywhere, and obviously label mates Heel Turn.

What similarities are there between the wrestling and music worlds for you?
I have always compared the two worlds of Music and Wrestling, from the independent days of sleeping on floors and taking every opportunity that presents itself to sweating out your craft in front of a room full of people who are all passionate about one thing. The creative entertainment element is a huge factor too. To be able to entertain people with something you have learned well enough to put together yourself is an exciting similarity both worlds have. On a personal level i feel that both offer a dream to kids who aren’t afraid to follow their heart, no matter how obscure or defeating their passion may be at times. It’s not always a glamorous life.

What’s next for you?
Well I just want to keep pushing the envelope further with the matches I have and represent both RISE Underground Wrestling and Sad For Life the absolute best that I can. I have a strong feeling that the year 2019 will be very special for myself and the platforms I am involved in!

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