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Singer-songwriter Lucy Rose has earned herself quite a musical reputation since her debut in 2009, performing alongside some seriously credible musicians, including Bombay Bicycle Club, Counting Crows and Noah and The Whale. Her 2012 debut album, Like I Used To, left listeners stunned by its sheer beauty and captured the hearts of many with gentle ballads, powerful lyrics and uplifting folky sounds. It seems she has lived up to the label given to her as the “stand out female vocalist of the weekend” at Glastonbury. This month, just as her tour commences, Lucy has the exciting announcement that her new album Work It Out will be released this summer. In her first UK headline tour for 18 months, Lucy will be playing some new material at venues across the UK, supported by her good friends, The Half Earth. If you like how Lucy sounds on record, her live performances are something else. I caught up with Lucy ahead of her gig in Newcastle to talk about her latest tour, the new record and her Builder Grey tea.

How are you feeling as you begin your UK tour?

Last night was our first show of the tour and in all honesty I was feeling pretty anxious. I haven’t done a tour in the UK for nearly 18 months and I’ve been working hard on this next record. So we’re playing roughly 10 new songs in the show and I was nervous about the reaction I guess. Some of the songs are a real departure from the last record and I didn’t know how the crowd would react. But after last nights show in Tunbridge Wells I’m just feeling pure excitement for the rest if the tour.

Will you be selling your famous “Builder Grey” tea instead of merchandise at these gigs?

Absolutely, got plenty of tea with me and even brought some Lucy Rose chocolate with me this time which my best friend has made straight from the cocoa bean. I have to say it’s delicious!

Where did the idea behind this come from?

Well the tea, I’m just a massive fan of tea, can’t live without the stuff and I used to always put one English breakfast and one earl grey tea bag in the pot (so good) but when you’re just making tea for me two tea bags seems a little wasteful so I thought I’d make the blend cause I’m sure there are other people out there in the same predicament.

You have just announced the release of your second album, what can you tell us about it?

Yeah it’s out July 13th, it’s called Work It Out and I’m really excited about it. I’ve written about 50 songs making this record and cut it down to just 12 and 17 on the deluxe so a lot of new music. It’s pretty different from the first record but it’s still me. I’m playing piano on a fair few tracks and the acoustic only makes an appearance two times I think. It’s a lot more electric and bolder.

lucy rose 2

“It’s pretty different from the first record but it’s still me”

How would you describe your new music?

Oh god, hmmm, genuine, real, diverse, electric, classic.

Will this album be as beautiful as Like I Used To?

That’s awesome that you think like I used to is beautiful, that’s great to hear. Well I hope so, I’ve tried my very best.

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

I guess just my life again and things I’m surrounding by. Musically lots of different places and loads of different bands, lyrically the songs are just capturing a moment in time in my life.

You recorded Like I Used To at home in Warwickshire, was the new album created in the same way?

I was very lucky this time and got to go a record my album in an actual recording studio this time. We did most of it in snap studio in manor house and the rest of it in Miloco studio in Hoxton so local to me which was good. Tube journeys were really helpful for those final ideas.

You’ve played with and supported some very distinguished artists, who has been your favourite to work with?

Wow, well I have to say my favourite artist to work with is of course Bombay Bicycle Club, they are truly awesome boys who I loved singing with. I’ve been lucky to sing on another one of Ghostpoet’s records which is a massive privilege, he’s super talented and again so lovely. Most surreal thing is probably singing on Manic Street Preachers’ album, that was really something else and it still feels completely surreal now.

What have been the stand-out experiences for you so far?

Playing Glastonbury last summer on the other stage was a huge moment for me. Especially as nothing was really going on with me musically as I was right in between records and I really didn’t think anyone would come and see me play. So to walk about and see all those people there was so overwhelming and it was a really special show.

How did it feel to be labelled the “stand out female vocalist of the weekend” at Glastonbury?

Yeah and then that happened. Completely mad and again massively unexpected as there were so many amazing acts playing. It really did mean so much and gave me a lot of confidence when I most needed it.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

I hope to be just touring as much as possible as the album is coming out and I just hope that people can connect to the songs and most importantly the record makes them feel something.

Lucy Rose plays at Newcastle’s Think Tank on Saturday 21st March.

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