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“The more I thought about politics the more stupid I felt,” Luca Rutherford says. The theatre-maker is undoubtedly not alone. After years of a Conservative government and the ongoing issues surrounding Brexit alone, it’s easy to be completely dazed by politics. “The wider public won’t all hold the same political views as me but I think that whoever you vote for the feeling of being overwhelmed or confused by politics is universal.”

Thus, Luca Rutherford’s Political Party, which comes to Northern Stage on Tuesday 19th February, is all about combating the paralysis that can come with this confusion. Another plus is that it’s designed to feel like a good old get-together. “It’s got the feel of coming to a party at my house,” Rutherford says. “Expect to feel relaxed, like you are hanging out with your pals.” Like all good shindigs, this includes music, some dancing, projections plus free drinks, crisps, popcorn and a bag of Revels. But there’s one thing you definitely won’t find here: “Expect not to be preached to.”

As well as avoiding being sanctimonious, this party bucks other political trends too – there’s no jargon or buzzwords to be found here. “I’m not about making work where I stand on stage and try and sound dead clever,” Rutherford explains. Instead, she wants to break down the walls that can serve as a barrier to considering societal issues more deeply. “My logic is if I look like a right lemon then no-one else will feel as stupid as me and that way we are all on a level and can be strangers in a room really thinking about some big things.”

The sphere Rutherford creates in Political Party isn’t just fun, it’s also one where individual thought can blossom. For her, these small actions have the potential to spiral into something greater. “Sometimes it can feel like a cop out to say every little helps, but I reckon if we look locally and get involved that way it can cause ripples that turn into waves, in ourselves and the environment round us.” Her inclusive Political Party will undeniably cause its own waves – and everyone is invited.

Luca Rutherford’s Political Party – Trailer from Luca Rutherford on Vimeo.

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