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First formed in August 2018 over a mutual appreciation of shoegaze, DIY recording and Ian Curtis, Newcastle’s Loudmammoth are a band who have received a great deal of positive attention in the relatively short time they’ve been together. They release their third single, In Blue (via Last Night From Glasgow) on Friday 24th January accompanied by a launch show at The Cluny 2. We catch up with them to find out more.

What inspires your music?
Sophie: I’m inspired by all sorts. Things that make me angry, things that make me vulnerable. I’m inspired by other ways to create – literature, visual arts, film. I’m a huge fan of poetry and I love the way poems use details to capture a moment; a glimpse of a feeling that makes your heartache. I try to do that. I suppose all of the songs I write are trying to capture a feeling, whether it’s the feeling of going home alone after a night out, or outgrowing someone, or finding it difficult to talk about something which has happened to you. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to weave other narratives into my songs. I’m so interested in relationships and how power manifests itself in them; the way you can lose yourself inside someone else, or inside an idea of that person. My lyrics aren’t always about me, but I try to write them from a place of honesty.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
Declan: The songwriting process for us usually begins with Will or Liam writing or recording a demo at home and sharing it with us. If we all like it, they’ll bring it into the practice room where everyone begins to add their individual touches. Sophie will then go away and write lyrics and eventually, a few practices later, we’ll have something that mildly resembles what it’ll sound like live, or if it’s really good on a record!

Tell us more about your latest single ‘In Blue’. How does it differ to previous releases?
Sophie: In Blue is the first track since the addition of me and Liam to the band, so in that respect, there’s a noticeable difference. I think it’s a slightly calmer song than the previous releases, which matches the subject matter. I wanted to write a song about wild swimming. I love swimming in the sea. I find it really centres me; clears my head. My Mum died in 2018 and swimming has been a real coping mechanism for me. Sometimes grief feels like living underwater, and In Blue is about the feeling of being held in suspension, but also about floating back to the surface.

Where was it recorded? 
Declan: In my house! I’ve always been interested in mixing and production and over the years I’ve built a nice little home studio. We’ve always recorded everything ourselves and it’s kind of become part of our ethos, not only is it considerably cheaper than going into a commercial studio but I think it gives us a stronger sense of ownership over the record. For everyone, the freedom of being able to spend as long as you need to on a take makes for a nice relaxed atmosphere, also I always make Lemon & Ginger tea when we’re recording which always helps!

What can people expect from your Cluny 2 release show on 24th January?
Sophie: Dancing. Well, I’ll be dancing, anyway. The dancing is optional for everyone else. We’ve worked quite hard for the gig and we’re really excited for it! We’ve also got some great support acts – Ezra Briggs, The Receivers and Longest Cocktail Party. We’ve called the show a single release party and we intend for it to be a party! Come down, it’s gonna be a good one!

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