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As a person, I’m pretty monotone,” confesses Matt Dunbar, the songwriting force behind Lost Lot. “I’m pretty reserved and one note, until I’m writing, then it all comes out.” 

The emotional country stylings of the band combine beautiful, easy melodies with poignant and earnest songwriting that has a striking candour and vulnerability about it. “My favourite songs are where you get an insight into the writer’s life, you get to see them. Writing has become an easy way for me to tap into what I’m feeling, as opposed to what I want to feel or think I should feel. It helps me connect with my most authentic self.”

With a style reminiscent of Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, the truth held in each lyric is paramount to Dunbar’s songwriting. Hunting for a sense of truth in each of the depicted experiences, the songs feel inherently emotive and raw. “They’re all my life, stories I’ve heard or seen. People have really interesting ways of dealing with grief, and it’s something we all experience, something we all relate to. Addressing these topics is what makes life easier. It’s good to open up these conversations.”

Writing has become an easy way for me to tap into what I’m feeling, as opposed to what I want to feel or think I should feel

With a track like the EPs finale Ghost, or the simple, swelling Bare Bones, it is easy to see how these songs have already connected with listeners. With the instrumental providing the perfect soundtrack to stories of struggles with mental health, growing up and experiencing life. “People come up to us and say that the songs have connected with them. That’s what they’re supposed to do, and it’s great to see it working!”

While songs like Coffee are captivating through their breathtaking lyrics, the EP is a testament to the whole band. Lost Lot are the band Dunbar had previously been touring as Matt Dunbar & The Autonomous Collective, and a natural evolution saw a rebrand as they got to grips with recording and producing everything themselves, with simple acoustic numbers stretching into the invigorating and dynamic numbers on the EP. “I’ve been playing and recording with the band for five years now, we’re really close. These songs are ours, it really is a group process now, we share the songs.”

With the EP released on 27th October, the launch will be followed by a series of live shows, which is where the band come alive. Dunbar speaks of the importance of live music: “For me, playing live is all about being in the moment. You can’t pre-plan or look back, you have to be in the moment.

Having to create the art right there, getting emersed by it. In the right environment with the right people, you disappear into the music. Live music just makes me appreciate it all. You see people enjoy themselves. The best gigs are those where they just love it, it’s inspiring.” 

Lost Lot release their self-titled EP on 27th October.


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