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Photo by Milly Hutchcraft
If you had to list all the rising stars of the North-East music scene I’m pretty sure Teesside’s dream-pop outfit, Llovers would one of the first name on everyone’s list. All their singles to date have been met with rave reviews from pretty much all the music blogs and magazines, they’ve supported the likes of VANT, Marsicans and Sundara Karma and have have recently performed the BBC Introducing Stage of Radio One’s Big Weekend. Their music is ethereal but warm with guitar and synth sounds that sweep you off your feet and harmonious vocals that make your heart skip beats. The band have recently released their new single ‘Coming Loose’ and have a couple of big hometown shows coming up, so we caught up with them to see what’s what.
What’s the new track ‘Coming Loose’ all about?
Coming loose is about the anxiety inducing nature of relationships and how easy it is to dramatise a situation in which you know the only real issue is your own thoughts spiraling out of control. It’s the first track we’ve released in what seems like an age so we wanted it to hit hard & more than anything, be a lot of fun.
What inspired the glamorous band photos to promote the single? Where did David Macnab get the glasses from?
We were fortunate enough to work with closely with Milly Hutchcraft who’s very talented & managed to capture our over-indulgent nature perfectly, we just wanted too sparkle. David was born with those glasses on, he doesn’t take them off… ever and if he does he loses all his musical ability, like some sort of music-based Samson. 
The production on your releases is a distinctive element of your sound. Who produces your music?
We’ve had a number of people work on our music, I think that which I mentioned early about our love for over-indulgence is probably where that continuity comes from. We spare little expense when it comes to peppering our music with production tropes, the minimalist approach doesn’t really suit us, just yet. We were fortunate enough to have Chad Male of Cape Cub produce the EP and that man is a wizard, the level of production on the EP has really stepped things up from our other material so keep an ear out for all those juicy bits in the tracks.
Tell us more about your upcoming debut EP, Things That I Don’t Understand.
Thing’s That I Don’t Understand is our first body of work, we really wanted to showcase what we can do so there’s pop moments, heavy moments, soft moments and a lot of in-between. In terms of the lyrical content we’ve been calling it an ‘emotional commentary’, which is either genius or rubbish. The overall theme is feelings, there’s a lot of insecurities and confusions surrounding relationships presented in a reflective manner, which often shines light on how absurd these things are.
What else is in store for Llovers in the near future?
We’re headlining Music Box festival on the 9th of June, supporting Richard Ashcroft on 14th of July, and we’re doing a massive hometown headliner at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton on 13th of September.

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