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It’s been over ten years since Little Comets released their debut single, One Night in October to mass critical acclaim. Since then the band have kept on writing and releasing indie bangers that have seen them become one of the North-East’s most cherished and successful bands. Their latest release ‘3 Minute Faltz’ attempts to rekindle the spirit of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ by taking a look at the things that the band were confronted with on a daily basis in 2019. We catch up with Rob Coles to find out more about the new track and their upcoming anniversary.

What is the single, 3 Minute Faltz about?
It’s like an anti-bucket list, or a collection of headlines – everything that is wrong with the world (in my opinion) in three minutes. It was quite cathartic to write and record so hopefully that intensity of feeling comes across in the song.

Where was it recorded?
We recorded it mainly in Mickey’s house and garage – he’s drilled a hole in the wall behind his downstairs toilet to fit the patch cables through so when the house is empty (and his neighbour is out) we can bang about as much as we like. A lot of it was done in an afternoon in his kitchen using his little boy’s drum kit for the percussion. It’s good to record at home as we don’t feel under the pressure of time to get things done too quickly.

Have you got any shows to support the release? If not where and when can we next find you performing live? 
We’ve got a couple of festivals this summer but mainly we’re building up to our big autumn tour towards the end of the year. It’s going to be quite a busy summer personally as me and my partner are expecting our third child so between the studio and home we won’t have time for anything else. 

This Autumn sees you celebrating 10 year anniversary of the first album ‘In Search of Elusive Little Comets’. Have you got anything special planned?
Ah yes… we’ve never ever done vinyl for this album (our old label has always not responded when we’ve asked to get some done) so when the re-recording provision lapsed in the contract we did a live version of it which we’re going to put out on vinyl to go along with the tour – it was a lot of fun to revisit the old songs and brought back a lot of memories.

What is the secret to the band’s longevity?
I think we’re pretty simple, grounded people so we don’t really require much to be happy – we’re all aware of how lucky we are to be able to have a job that allows us to express ourselves creatively and we really cherish this. I think not being driven by success or money, fame or glory actually helps as we don’t get too excited or down no matter what happens to us in a professional sense. We have a really loyal fanbase which is great too – it means that we can just concentrate on making the music we want to as we know we have that support – we’re not working at the behest of a label, manager or playlist.

It’s really hard at times, doing everything ourselves, especially when things don’t go well – it’s hard to not take it personally or blame the machine that we are up against, but it never seems to overcome us and having a lot of stability in other areas of life is a real blessing, because in that sense whether we have a “successful” career in music (or whatever that means…) it’s quickly becomes irrelevant.


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