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Despite having been together for four years and releasing a number of videos and tracks into the world, Sunderland six-piece Lilliput are only just gearing up to release their first official single, Waiting To Go. Encapsulating everything good about the band, namely the Supertramp meets Beatles vibe and ridiculously catchy hooks, the song is accompanied by a lovingly shot and seemingly simple video by Andy Martin.

Ahead of the launch gig at the Head of Steam tonight, we talked to Joe Collins about Waiting To Go and why it’s taken so long for the band to put out an official release.

Congratulations on the release of the self-produced single! What made you decide to record and produce the single yourselves?

Thanks a lot. It’s down to a few reasons really. Costs are the obvious starting point, but it’s something we’ve discussed for a couple of years. It’s only recently with the addition of Jordan, our keyboard player, that we’ve felt fully capable to record and mix everything ourselves. He deserves a lot of credit for all the hours he’s put in.

Were there any challenges involved in producing the single yourself? Any technical difficulties along the way?

Ha. Where to start?! It’s one of those things. Now time isn’t an issue, it’s very hard to settle on what takes sound good and when to stop recording. In the studio you normally get that outside input from an engineer who’ll tell you to stop searching for that perfect take. We also didn’t really have an end “sound” that we were aiming for, which meant there was a lot of mixing and re-mixing. Not in the dance way either.

Your new video was shot with the help of Andy Martin; what was it like working with him?

Andy is a fantastic artist and we’ve got so much trust in his abilities that it was a “turn up and film” kind of job. We’d given him some indication of what we wanted and then it was a case of a few hours filming with some beers. We had no idea of the outcome until the first edit. Andy always makes us look better than we do.

Was there a distinct vision for the video when your first started filming?

We talked a lot about the video prior to filming. We went through a load of different styles and approaches. In the end we decided that it should complement the song. Sometimes videos can really take the attention away from the song itself and we didn’t want that with Waiting To Go. We really like to be involved in all the creative processes. When we’re not involved in the planning stages at times things don’t seem to work as well.

lilliput 3

“We’re all about the laughs most of the time. I think it was one serious take to three daft takes in the end”

In the video itself, each of you as individuals have different, sometimes odd objects surrounding you; are these reflections of your individual personalities?

To an extent, yes. Each of us set our own shots up with props of ours or things Andy had lying around. There’s objects, records and people in there that have influenced us a lot, but then some props were just thrown in for fun as well. We wanted it that way. We’re all about the laughs most of the time. I think it was one serious take to three daft takes in the end.

It still seems really weird to me that this is your first single! Why has it taken so long to release a single proper?

Honestly, I don’t think we really felt the need to. We’ve been together for four years and we feel like we’re developing now more than ever. I think we’ve been conscious that our first single should be at the right time all along. We’ve put loads of tracks out with videos in the past and gained exposure but with our new stuff it felt like the right time to put the stamp of a “single” on it.

Why did you choose this specific song to be your first actual single?

We’ve written a whole new set and we recorded a few songs we felt could be in contention for a summer single release. Waiting To Go just really hit home with us from the start. It represents us so well that it was a clear favourite. It’s got a tight groove and it’s full of hooks (we think). We felt it was the best indicator of the direction we’re headed in.

In August, you’re supporting fellow Mackems Hyde & Beast twice, which seems quite apt considering you both have a bit of a penchant for 70s rock. Do you think 70s classic and glam rock is due a bit of a comeback?

We love Hyde & Beast’s music. It’s really fun and upbeat and I think we suit playing alongside them now more than ever. There’s so much to love about 70s music that it will come back again and again in new music. I don’t know if it’s due a comeback as such. We don’t really work with those parameters in mind. If it does though we’re definitely ready!

What’s next for Lilliput? Is there an EP or an album in the pipeline?

We’ve been writing towards an album. We haven’t sat down and began to discuss it just yet. The plan is to just start recording and see what happens. We’re really excited about where we could end up. The album fascinates us! Especially as it will be our first crack at it. The aim is to release it sooner rather than later. Early next year maybe! Oh and another single will come before that. September time. We’re opening the floodgates on the release front!

Lilliput release Waiting To Go today and play at the Head of Steam, Newcastle tonight (Friday 17th July).

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