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To listen to LA Witch’s recent EP Octubre is to immerse yourself in a darkly delicious atmosphere that sounds pretty far away from the sun-soaked Los Angeles most of us imagine. This latest release from the (adamantly not actually) Witches, is exciting for not only fans but the band themselves, as bassist Irita Pai explains. “Octubre was the first time working with a producer, Gregg Foreman [aka Mr. Pharmacist]. He had a lot of crazy ideas that I never would have dreamt of, but it all worked out somehow. I think the end result was a really cinematic, spooky experience which was perfect since we released the EP for Halloween.”

The EP continues the band’s eerie rock vibe which thrilled fans and critics alike on their eponymous debut album in 2017; shot through with blues-ridden rhythms, Ellie English’s percussive clatter on opening track Haunting sets out their stall straight away, while the unnerving twang of Sleep channels the Doors’ moody ambience and Heart of Darkness’ muted reverb-laden vocals courtesy of Sade Sanchez are ghostlike and alluring.

Released on respected Seattle-based label Suicide Squeeze, the new release has given the trio the comfort needed for creativity. “Being a part of Suicide Squeeze is like being a part of their gang, it’s like a big family. David, who owns the label, has always been our biggest supporter and we couldn’t ask for anything more.” 

I think the end result was a really cinematic, spooky experience

Their current tour, which drops into The Cluny, Newcastle on Tuesday 2nd July, has been a positive experience for the band so far. “Audiences in the UK seem more passionate about music, more knowledgeable. They get your references and it feels like you can really connect on that, even though you just met and we live halfway across the world!”

Not ones to rest on their laurels, the band continue to balance writing and performing while on the road. “What’s been challenging is touring so much and not having time to sit down and actually work on those ideas that we’ve had swimming around our heads. But we’ve been learning to work around that, and we’ve been trying out new songs on the road.” 

Having time to take stock of their sound, and refining new songs while touring, may ultimately offer rewards for the band when they get back into the studio. “By the time we go into the studio, I already have an idea in mind how it could potentially sound.” Irita says, on the band’s process. “And then during the recording process and through all the listening back, you get a lot of ideas and inspiration as it goes. It’s very fluid, and it’s constantly changing.” 

Fans won’t have long to wait for music though, as a new release is on the horizon, with Irita feeling positive that years of honing their sound has well and truly paid off. “We just finished recording our second album! We’re so excited to finish that up and share it with everyone. We’ve learned a lot these past few years being on the road, and I think you’ll be able to hear that.” 


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