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Teesside/Newcastle’s indie-pop purveyors, Komparrison, drop their second single of 2021, Bubblegum. It’s a harmonious and dreamy offering that combines mature observations, youthful vibrance, effortless hooks and a spacious sound reminiscent of late 90’s pop.

Lead singer Elise Harrison tells us more about the band and the new track…

How are you? And what have Komparrison been up to over lockdown?
We’re good! Looking forward to freedom and getting back to gigs! Although we spent most of the lockdown indoors we think it gave us a great opportunity to really look at what we’re putting out there and alternative ways to interact with our audience, thankfully to social media! We’ve planned some very exciting things for the remainder of 2021 and we can’t wait to share them with everyone! 

You started out as a duo and expanded to a quintet. What was the reason for that and how has it developed your sound?
It’s bizarre to think that a few members went into the very first lockdown not knowing they’d soon be joining a band at all. We’re proud of everything we’ve done as a duo and really enjoyed that part of our journey and as we’ve got older we feel we’ve wanted to expand into a full sound band, bass, drums and more guitar! You can hear the progression in our material we are putting out this year.

Briefly describe your songwriting process.
Most of our songwriting comes from personal experiences of ours, it’s massively important to us to capture times we’ve ever felt something strongly enough to put it in a tune people can relate to! The storyline comes through in lyrics and your chords tell the audience just how they’d feel at that time in that exact moment.

Tell us more about Bubblegum. What’s it about and how would you describe its sound?
‘Bubblegum’ is the bittersweet breakup song that everyone has to sing along to! It’s catchy lyrics and upbeat sound makes it the ideal song to reassure you it’s just a break up and you’ll be alright! 

What are your plans for the near future?
After starting our year with the release of ‘Dancing With Demons’ we can’t wait to continue releasing new music like our latest release ‘Bubblegum’ and working with various promoters and musicians  on our tour later this year. We’re mega excited to finally share everything we’ve worked so hard on so far with you guys! 

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