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Swamped in delicate piano playing and introspective narratives, the first two albums by Jenny Lascelles set off early indications of mature songwriting skills and delightful, delicate vocal ability. By the time Lascelles’ second album, 2017’s Backbone, was released, it became clear that with the right development and level of artistic growth, Lascelles could blossom into a deeply affecting artist. No pressure there then.

And so here we are at the start of album three, A Little Louder, with lead single and early summer release Dying 2 Get 2 U having already shown the signs of artistic development that was hoped for. With its piano loops and rousing ruminations on mortality, the track reflected a number of new pallets within Lascelles’ catalogue, both sonically and thematically. “Dying 2 Get 2 U was an important first step for me,” confirms Lascelles. “With this album I wanted to try to change my music and to push myself in a number of ways both musically and personally.”

The title A Little Louder is a message to me to push myself to use my own voice more

Taken as a brave step towards artistic truth, Dying 2 Get 2 U shone an early light on the direction Lascelles wanted to head in, a move evidenced in spades throughout the rest of the album which glows with adult themes and an understanding of modern life’s complexities. She’s A Peach demonstrates the type of sassy pop move that Kylie pulled off with Confide In Me when shedding her pop past in favour of a provocateur, Drown Me displays gentle rock textures, while Sea Green is a pop rock anthem which builds into a glorious final explosion of intricate vocal parts and melody lines. These are complex, intricate songs, with huge visions and fine grand details; as Lascelles says, this is not just about new songs, it’s about a new identity. “The title A Little Louder has a few meanings, it talks about the difference in the music and the production I’m looking for, but it’s also a message to me to push myself to use my own voice more and to be more confident in places I haven’t always been in the past, especially with topics such as mental health, loss and exploring what it means be a woman.”

The album will get a live outing at Newcastle’s Bobik’s on Sunday 24th October. “It’ll be great to play at Bobik’s, and the idea is to play with the full band and also some backing vocalists, so I’m really excited about how it’s coming together and how I imagine it’s going to sound.”

It’s clear Lascelles is up to the challenge of recreating the album’s textures and multi-faceted layers in a live setting. Such challenges, along with developing current ideas for future projects into finished pieces, will ensure she continues to develop artistically and, as a forward-thinking artist who’s ready to embrace change, she can only blossom further.

Jenny Lascelles launches A Little Louder on Sunday 24th October at Bobik’s, Newcastle


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