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I never wanted to go under my own name, because I need to have that sense of separation between the me waking up in my boxers and making breakfast and the other me on stage. There’s too much pressure knowing that your own name holds weight, and I don’t want that.” Jack Angus Golightly, AKA Jango Flash, is reflecting upon the anonymity his comic book character-esque pseudonym affords him. Not only does it add to the sense of enigma that surrounds the musician and producer, but it’s also a practical method of self-preservation, given that Jango Flash sees him step out from behind a drum kit to the front of the stage.

Golightly is also a member of acclaimed North East alt. pop four-piece Them Things (currently on hiatus), and Jango Flash was intended to be a low-key, personal recording project to share with friends. “I was always quite nervous to keep taking steps towards the live performance because I used to think that I was getting out of my depth,” he explains. “Having been behind the drums all of my life, it felt unnatural to take that leap to the front of the stage. But I knew that there would be nothing more rewarding than moving outside of my comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens! I’ve had to reset and forget about other people’s expectations to a degree, because that would only be a mental hindrance to me.”

Jango Flash has gained a lot of traction since Golightly started recording music under the name back in March 2018. Fast-forward two years and Jango Flash is now a fully-fledged five-piece band made up of talented North East musicians, some of whom you may recognise from other bands such as A Festival, A Parade, Little Comets, Symphonic Pictures and The Dawdler. They’re raring to go just in time for the release of Jango’s fourth single, Change Agents. It’s a psychedelia-tinged slice of indie pop with the same expansive soundscapes demonstrated on previous single Acting On The Telephone, a testament to Golightly’s production wizardry.

I knew that there would be nothing more rewarding than moving outside of my comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens!

Beneath the swirling melody lies a sombre, personal story as Golightly tackles themes of substance abuse and illness. “Some of the lyrics deal with my brother and his refusal to give up certain things despite his ill health. This track is both an observation of his own troubles, his persistent attitude, some of my bad decisions and the lessons that I have taken away from him. There were no rules with my brother, he was a modern-day maverick and he lived by his own book.”

The twisted party anthem is part of a four track EP, Money And Medication, which sees Golightly delve further down the existential rabbit hole. “The theme of Money And Medication only clicked when I was writing Change Agents. I started realising that there was a thematic progression with each of the four tracks. As time went on, I was starting to talk more about the hang-ups I had with drugs and the people around me who used them. It’s also an ambiguous title, because I remembered sitting next to my brother in hospital during his final weeks, and the TV was on. It was some sort of high energy cash prize game show, and I just remembered looking back over to my brother hooked up on life support and thinking, ‘Is this really all people care about…Money?’ Since that moment my outlook on money has changed dramatically. It might make the world go round, but I’m certainly never going to be governed by it.”

Jango Flash play Tyne Bank Brewery, Newcastle on Thursday 19th March



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