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In discussing North East songwriter Jamie Farrell’s latest EP, Remember Me, our conversation turns to a euphoric series of anecdotes as we exchange stories of our recent live adventures, with Farrell adding Kiss, The Darkness and Alter Bridge to his most recent roster of live concerts. To those who are familiar with the singer’s projects, which include post-grunge band Coral Snake, then this love of theatrical glam rock, driving hooks and infectious choruses will be no surprise, yet if you were introduced to the songwriter through his latest EP, you may well be shocked.

Although Remember Me maintains his love of catchy songwriting, it steps away from the snarling guitars, opting instead for some introspective indie pop. “It’s certainly more marketable,” chuckles the singer when pressed on his recent change in direction, before conceding: “Rock is the default setting for me, growing up listening to Nickelback and Linkin Park, but it’s very comfortable. I found it very easy to pretend with rock, as I can hide behind that wall of ego and bravado. Writing songs about things in my life is different, saying things I really mean.”

The subjects addressed on the EP are somewhat ambiguous, with universal themes being sent out ready for the audience to reinterpret, and Jamie is keen for his listeners to insert their own experiences into each song. “I don’t want to give away my definition, it’s open for everyone to have their meaning. It’s THAT person or THAT place or THAT group. Home, for example, is about finding whatever you define as home, and everyone has something that makes them feel safe and happy.”

From the bouncing title track to the stripped back, stunningly raw Breathless, the EP is constantly wrestling with emotions, toying back and forth between ego and humility. “Breathless may be my favourite song I’ve ever written, it’s a ballad at its core. With each release, I like building a new soundscape and doing something different.”

With each release, I like building a new soundscape and doing something different

Rounding out the EP is Time Is Now, a song that sees Farrell back to flexing his rock muscles. The track is a triumphant rally cry to his peers as the writer explains:As much as I love to take the mickey, I will always champion my friends. I will always be your biggest cheerleader – that’s what Time Is Now is all about, it’s giving people that push to grab what they need to grab!” Bringing the EP full circle, it’s a brilliant and rousing conclusion.

As Jamie welcomes this new era of his songwriting, he offers listeners what may be his most human and exposing project to date, and it’s a direction that’s more than paid off.

Jamie Farrell releases Remember Me EP on 14th July. He performs at HMV Darlington on Saturday 22nd July and NE Volume Music Bar, Stockton on Saturday 26th August.

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