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Dutch crooner Jacco Gardner is set to make a rare visit to Stockton’s Georgian Theatre on Wednesday 23rd September. Drawing influence from everything from baroque pop to psychedelia, no one of Gardner’s songs is the same. Akin to Syd Barrett, Tame Impala and the electronic-based dream pop of Broadcast, his latest offering Hypnophobia is just as dreamy and mesmerising as the last.

Ahead of his gig at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton on Wednesday, I had a quick chat to Jacco about his latest album, coming back to Britain and his future plans.

This is your first full UK tour in quite a while! Are you excited to be coming back to Britain?

Yes! I always enjoy being in the UK for a while, there’s nothing like it.

You’re playing some places you haven’t stopped by before, like Stockton-On-Tees. Are you excited to be visiting places that you haven’t visited before?

I’m always excited to visit new places. Especially the smaller places, they can be quite charming.

Considering it’s been a while since you were last here, why have you decided to go a little off the beaten track instead of just sticking entirely to the major UK cities like London and Manchester?

Like I said, the lesser-known places can be the most interesting ones!

You’re touring with Younghusband, are you a big fan of theirs?

I hadn’t heard their music to be honest, but they are a good band with good songs, and great guys too!

“I’ll be focusing a little more on the technological side of music. Building new instruments and modifying instruments like analogue synths and such”

Your latest album, Hypnophobia, seems a bit more eerie and psych-based than your last. Why have you decided to go more down this psych route?

Well this never felt like a decision. My style just grew into that gradually.

What were the particular musical or non-musical inspirations behind it?

Movies like Suspiria, Return To Oz or even Tron have been great inspirations. But also a lot of electronic music by Bruce Haack, Bernard Fevre, Mort Garson, Vangelis, Goblin, etc etc.

The artwork is by Julian House who also did cover art for Broadcast and Stereolab; are you a particular fan of his work?

I’m a huge fan! I almost didn’t believe it when he decided to do the artwork.

What are your plans for after the tour? Anything we should be excited about?

I’ll be focusing a little more on the technological side of music. Building new instruments and modifying instruments like analogue synths and such. This always results in some really interesting experiments. I’ll probably use them in some new material that will come after that or out of that. I’m thinking of doing a slightly more experimental EP with a different focus before doing another album or something like it.

Jacco Gardner, Younghusband and High Tide 15:47 play The Georgian Theatre, Stockton on Wednesday 23rd September.

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