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We talked to Merseyside indie rockers Hooton Tennis Club about their debut album, Highest Point In Cliff Town, strong friendships and not liking tennis…

How did Hooton Tennis Club begin?
We were making some songs in (drummer) Harry’s room, then we got hungry and went out to get some chips. On the way we saw the Hooton Tennis Club road sign, for the actual tennis club. Thus began the club…

Do you think your friendship prior to creating a band and producing music was important to how you’ve come together and developed as a group?
Yes, the fact that we’ve all been really good friends for a long time now really helps with how we work. We’re sort of past arguing, or falling out now, so we can just get on with it; we all know what we like and what we don’t. When to give each other space, etc.

What does it feel like to have people already praising the band after a relatively short time on the scene?
It’s lovely! The fact that people are into our music is a nice feeling. We’re just glad people are digging it; we have a lot of fun making music, so to have people on board is fantastic!

Who have been your biggest musical inspirations and what impact have they had on your sound?
Callum likes Supergrass at the moment, James has been listening to Ween, Harry has gotten well into Jonathan Richman, and Ryan really likes Animal Collective, so the mix is a bit mad – we like to mix it up!

You performed at Glastonbury this year; was that somewhere you’d ever imagine yourselves playing, especially considering you’ve only been active for a short time?
Yeah, Glasto was amazing! It was incredible to play there, we always joked about playing big festivals, but to actually be doing it is a dream come true!

Have you ever played the North East before? What are you expecting from a Geordie crowd?
No, we’ve never played there before. Will the crowd be shirtless?

What has been your strangest experience as a band to date?
Answering these questions from our apartment  in New York. Actually, we were hit by a rogue car tire on the autobahn during our EU tour, that was pretty scary/bizarre.

Are any of you actually racket wizards on the astro-turf?
No, we don’t really like tennis. We could probably give it a go though!

Hooton Tennis Club play Think Tank?, Newcastle on Friday 23rd October.

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