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Indie rock project Honeyblood is gearing up for a busy 2019. Since it became Stina Tweeddale’s solo venture earlier in the year following the departure of drummer Cat Myers, Honeyblood is pushing forward with a transformed sound and vision.

“It started off in a pretty lo-fi sense; we were doing a lot of our stuff by ourselves.” She explains. “The second album was geared very much towards the live show – I really wanted to be able to condense the songs to translate them into a live performance. It’s very energetic, but also very restrictive, because we couldn’t do things unless we could play it live. The new album is a mix of the two last ones, the lo-fi interesting sounds with the classic rock of the last one.”

Tweeddale has spent a lot of time working by herself on third album In Plain Sight, released on 24th May. Lead single The Third Degree melds those lo-fi and rocky vibes, with a deep, mellow rumble coupled with Stina’s crisp vocals. Glimmer, in contrast, goes back to Honeyblood’s signature garage rock sound, but with a maturity and complexity which is next level. Meanwhile, She’s A Nightmare delves into an emotive experience Tweeddale endured at the end of touring for previous album Babes Never Die.

Lyrically and artistically, Honeyblood has always been an extension of my own personality

“I suffer from really bad paralysis and night terrors, which people think are ghosts, but it’s not, it’s my own subconscious. I also sleep walk, so it is quite distressing when you have a dream someone’s trying to kill you then you wake up on the other side of the room. The same woman came to me every night – she’s not old or haggard, she doesn’t look scary, but I found out that in your dreams, you can’t fabricate a face. I know her, I’ve seen her on the bus or walking down the street. That made it even more frightening to me. It’s about the relationship between me and this frightening person, the night terrors trying to devour you when it feels like you’ll die in the dream and you’re frightened for your life… But it’s pretty therapeutic to write music about stuff like that.”

Now that Tweeddale is going solo, she’s been able to put even more of herself in the music, and really make this record her own. “Every album that I write is extremely personal. I wouldn’t say [In Plain Sight] is any more personal, topic-wise, than the last one or the one before. I borrow a lot from my own personal emotions, but I guess that now I have complete artistic control over every aspect of the project it feels more personal. Lyrically and artistically, Honeyblood has always been an extension of my own personality.”

She’s making the most of her artistic control, putting every effort into making sure that this record is the best representation of Honeyblood right now. And that includes securing the incredible artist Cecilia Parades for the striking cover art. “I went down a rabbit hole online looking for beautiful images and came across Cecilia’s artwork. Not only is [her work] visually beautiful in a bare bones way, but it really spoke to me in terms of where this album is going and I think that it fits so well into the album and what I was feeling at the time.”

Honeyblood performs at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton on Saturday 4th May and Newcastle’s Cluny 2 on Tuesday 4th June.



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