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It’d take a huge stroke of luck or one hell of an incredible band to be booked onto a European tour before ever playing a live gig, but indie popsters Flowers have managed it.

After recording their debut album, Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do, interest in the trio rocketed and within weeks they were touring Europe supporting The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. But, with only four live shows under their belts before heading to the airport, how were the group going to manage the pressure of such an intense tour?

”I think we had our first show in Metz in France, and we’d gone from playing in front of 20 people to about 800. But after they started clapping and didn’t scream at us to get off the stage, we thought ‘well, maybe we’re okay’, and our confidence built quite quickly.” Says frontwoman Rachel Kenedy.

Live shows may have come easily, but they faced their fair share of hurdles while recording the album. Illness, unfamiliar situations and apparent misplaced talent all played their part in disrupting the group’s progress, but it was these experiences that helped shape their sound – that, and Bernard Butler.

”We weren’t too sure about it as we had never worked with a producer before, and regardless of how great Bernard’s reputation is, we weren’t sure if it would be right for us. So, we tried one song, Over The Summer, and it went really badly,” she laughs nervously, “not the working relationship though, it was just a learning experience!”

The album explores a collection of nostalgic memories through 14 beautiful fuzz-pop tracks

While issues in the studio may cause certain bands to rethink, rewrite or even split up, Flowers embraced the situation and used it to capture their moment in time. ”Our guitarist was also really ill around this point and had actually forgotten how to play. So it tailored our sound into something really minimal. It made it very unique to that time as we won’t be able to recreate that again.”

The album explores a collection of nostalgic memories through 14 beautiful fuzz-pop tracks, shining a light on Rachel’s extraordinary voice. Highlights include Forget The Fall, which gives off a certain ‘endless summer’ vibe, while the optimistic Young and heart-ache drenched Drag Me Down offer the listener a sparse and edgy sound.

They may produce loved-up pop songs that would sound right at home on a midday radio playlist, but inspiration comes from a totally different, and rather unlikely source. ”We love listening to bands like The Ramones or The Misfits. In essence, they write really perfect pop songs. Short and to the point, with the chords coming in such a way that it’s very satisfying to hear. Even though our sound isn’t the same as theirs, we always try to follow this approach.”

Flowers release Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do on 2nd March via Fortuna POP! The band play The Cluny, Newcastle, on Monday 9th March.

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