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North East alt-rock rising stars, FEVA have recently dropped their new track, I Wanna Know, a ferocious and hard-hitting drive-time riff-fest complete with a soaring vibrato-rich vocal sheen. The band have been getting plenty of attention from all the big blogs and radio stations as well as playing alongside the likes of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and The Vaccines and are shaping up for their busiest period yet with further material in the offing and extensive live dates this autumn.

We catch up with vocalist/guitarist Sam Reynolds to see what’s what.

How are you holding up during lockdown? What are you doing to keep sane and healthy?
We’re all okay given the current circumstances, some of us are still working or working from home. We’re all doing our daily exercising and probably watching too much Netflix, but who isn’t at the moment?!

Who are you listening to at the moment? DO you fancy putting together a little Spotify playlist so our readers can check it out?
We’ve actually put a playlist together that we’re updating every week, it’s called ‘Stay Home, Don’t get a F***ing FEVA.’ You can check it out on Spotify now. Playlist –

How would you describe the sound of your new single? What is it about?  Do you think the themes in the track are relevant to the current climate?
In terms of sound, it’s a very loud track that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, it’s 100mph from the get-go and is just pure energy, that’s what it’s always been about. Lyrically it’s about losing yourself, but not really realising. Looking back on a period of your life and kind of thinking, ‘What was all that about, was that really me?’ Then just regrouping, taking stock of who you really are and the direction you were headed, until life got in the way. Your 20’s are testing times man.

Tell us about your songwriting process?
This changes from song to song, but the best method for us is normally just to jam until we come across something we all like, then I work a melody I already have into it or go away and write something to fit.

Are you doing anything online to support the release?
We’ve been doing some similar stuff to this and recorded some acoustic songs and a live version of I Wanna Know too. We’ve put out some pretty cool videos and illustrations for the release too, so it’s all going well so far.

What is the first thing the band are going to do once normality is restored?
Well hopefully we’ll be able to take up some of our festival appearances later in the summer but I guess the chances of that are slim. We’ll be straight into recording as we were supposed to be doing that at present and outside of that we’ll probably just have a proper catch up and drink far too much, what else?

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