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Image: Endem and producer Leum

Darlington MC Endem (aka Nathan Miller) hit the North East rap scene with a bang in 2016 as he publicly called out the work rate of a number of local rappers and awarded himself the title of King of the North. A confident move from a performer who didn’t have much in the way of previous reputation and little more than a quickly released EP to back him up. Since then, the hard work hasn’t stopped and a steady stream of releases over the past year have not only cemented his place as one of the most talented MCs in the area but also laid the foundations for his full length debut Planning Permission which will be released on 16th December.

Recent single Geezus Christ, celebrating the dubious charms of Danny Dyer and featuring the talents of ubiquitous Sunderland polymath 90BRO, shows that the irreverence is still a big feature of Endem’s work. What’s the obsession? “I don’t know. He’s just the absolute geez. I love it when he goes on his pissed up rants and flips out at everyone. Rizwan [Yousuf, aka 90BRO] came up with the name of the tune in the booth and that was it. Me and Rizwan didn’t see eye to eye a few months ago but then we started talking and sharing Danny Dyer stuff on Facebook and he just wanted in.”

You can either be an inspiration or a complete tatey

Linking up with Leum, the producer of Planning Permission, wasn’t quite as random as ironically bonding over an actor, but still highlights the power of the internet in forming creative relationships.  “He heard me freestyling over an Eminem beat on YouTube. Leum lives in Blackpool and saw it and got in touch and just said if I wanted any beats doing to give him a shout. I invited him down to my house for a few days. We got wrecked and things just materialised from there.”

Diary Of A Sociopath Part Two is a stand-out track on the record, with an internalised conversation crystallising Endem’s struggle in moving away from a wilder past and towards a less fractious life. It’s a theme that runs through the record with boastful boisterousness often giving way to doubt and introspection: “It’s crazy that you mentioned that actually. When we moved Legitimate Anarchy from being just a group to a record label, everyone we looked to for advice said that the label needs to have a point for it to be different. And we decided that duality was going to be the point of the label – even the logo reads the same upside down. It’s a good way to go, you know? You can either be an inspiration or a complete tatey.”

As if to prove a point, he adds with a wry smile, “It also means I can pretty much do what I want and then just use that as an excuse.”

Planning Permission is released 16th December


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