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Acclaimed songwriter Elaine Palmer returns with her a bittersweet, Americana tinged new single, GO. The track is an empowering song about standing up, fighting back and letting go of the chains that can control you. The song’s shifting dynamics demonstrate this with its gritty verses (complete with its ‘ready for war’ drums and the slightest snarl in Elaine’s harmonious vocal), its uplifting and liberating chorus and the slightly runaway feel of the closing bars of the track. It’s a beautifully crafted song and comes accompanied with a beautifully shot video, which you can see below. 

We chat with Elaine, to find out more about her release…

How would you describe your sound?
My music has been described as New Country, It has a slight Americana feel but with an authentic dark and edgy sound.

Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?
I grew up listening to my dad’s record collection constantly getting played in our kitchen at home. Big strong voices from the likes of Nat King Cole and Shirley Bassey mixed in with a little country from Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell.

Tell us about your songwriting process. What inspires you?
I am very heavily influenced by landscapes, I write a lot about the way they make me feel. I have spent my life living between the North Yorkshire Moors and the Arizona Desert and these two vast bleak spaces feature heavily in the lyrics and style of my songwriting.

Tell us more about your latest single, Go. What are the themes within the song?
GO is a driving song exploring themes of standing up, fighting back. There is a sense of liberation in the lyrics and references to movement reinforced by the driving kick drum throughout this track. It is edgy and slightly menacing.

Who shot the beautiful video that accompanies the track and how does it tie in with the song?
I have a background in film and sync which I studied at university and developed over the years with my experience of music videos.  I had a good idea of what I wanted for this video.

I knew I wanted the theme to follow movement, escaping, driving so I already had this idea of using a horse rider along a vast coastline. However, we needed a professional experienced rider to manage the horse for these kinds of shots. We were lucky to get the award winning rider Karen Asadi and her equine assistant for this film.

I had worked with Neash Photo/Video in the past. He is a superb camera technician and together we worked on a mood board introducing elegant gothic themes, discussing shots. We were really excited about capturing wide angle footage from the air using his drone cameras over the sea. Neash is incredible to work with. 

We were also lucky to then work with the designer Kate Fearnley who made a beautiful bespoke satin dress with hand stitched gems for the character in the film.   

What have you got coming up in the near future?
GO is a single from an upcoming album set for release in Spring next year.

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