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Newcastle band Don Coyote thrive when performing live; with the lack of opportunities to get their thrilling fusion of jazz and blues-inflected distinctive indie rock and pop across in a live setting, they’ve gone with the next best thing on their new EP. “We wanted it to sound organic. Close enough to what it would sound like if we were actually gigging,” says Sam, the band’s vocalist and guitarist.

Their EP, Don Quixote’s Tinder Profile, is filled with delightful musical elements which ably show off the trio’s talent. From funky bass lines to intricate guitar riffs, Don Coyote know how to engage their listeners through their music. Featuring two previously released singles, Somebody and Don Quixote, the band continue their sonically coherent journey with the addition of two new tracks, To Be Kind and TSIA. According to Sam, the eclectic title reflects something “a little old school with a new flavour”, with bassist Charlie adding: “in modern relationships you can’t really avoid thinking of Tinder” – an undoubtedly true statement.

With no initial set vision for the EP and the abruptness of the first lockdown, the time apart gave the trio a chance to turn to their original material. With a desire to replicate the improvisational qualities of their live performances, they struggled to stick to just one version during the recording process. “We make a conscious effort to change the songs up during gigs,” says drummer Aidan. “Me and Charlie both don’t like having just one version of the song. When we play live, there is more of a fluidity to it where we can change it up.” For the listener, it’s this spontaneity that enables each song to take many different directions – these moments of distinctness allow for variety and flavour to shine through.

The notable component to their release is the exploration of universal, thematic content

The notable component to their release is the exploration of universal, thematic content. The first track, Don Quixote, features punchy guitar rhythms in correspondence with prominent, rebellious lyrics regarding a “belated, moody adolescent stage”, as Sam describes it. The tracks Somebody and TSIA effectively play on the listener’s emotions by incorporating themes of love and kindness into the musicality, reflecting more of a pop vibe. Finally, To Be Kind holds a lasting impression, perhaps due to its incredibly relatable narrative; the story depicts one of Sam’s challenging days at work teaching kids, with the music effectively emulating the journey of emotions he encountered throughout the day.

Appealing to a broad range of listeners through its subliminal blend of genres, this EP definitely highlights the individual creative touches brought by each band member through collective experiences, which successfully constructs their overall identity. Don Coyote share their goal: “We want to keep making songs, get more of a following, and it would be nice to do an album sometime this year.”

Don Coyote release Don Quixote’s Tinder Profile on 19th March

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