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Sunderland rock stars Docksuns are releasing their new EP this month, and from its title to its sound, it’s a release rooted in the band’s local identity. Titled Nile Street, the band talk about how the name derives from the creation of the release itself: “It’s where the magic happens basically. In our rehearsal studio on Nile Street, Sunderland. It’s where an acoustic version is transformed into an anthem, the process of four lads contributing to the finish article.”

The photo used for the cover also has a story behind it. Continuing the theme of roots and beginnings, the EP artwork represents the beginning of the band’s lead guitarist Steve’s journey into music. “The photo you see on the cover is an old retro picture of lead guitarist Steve, holding his first ever guitar. Always a special memory for any musician, seemed fitting to whack it on some artwork!”

It’s been about three years since the band’s debut EP, This Is The Last Time, and a lot has changed for them. “Our last EP was produced when the band was a five-piece, in the early days of Docksuns. Since then, we’ve become a four-piece. As most bands do, we learn from mistakes, from experiences and we’ve matured massively in our songwriting since then – writing catchy melodies and riffs is what we are all about.”

writing catchy melodies and riffs is what we are all about

Front person James Baxter reveals how each of the songs progressed from their initial ideas: “Our writing process involves a combination of all four members, which, when we get it right, gives you some buzz in the rehearsal room.” James mentions anthemic track Share The Night, the band’s newest song: “It started off a lot slower, but after the lads got their hands on it, it got over 130BPM. It was just so natural how quick we got it turned round and headed straight to the studio to get it down.”

Dream World, a delightfully catchy indie epic, was conceived by both Baxter and Marty Clark in 2019. “It sat in the darkness for years until one jamming session we decided to get it on the ‘operating table’. It’s now the track you hear today, an indie toe tapper about appreciating your home town – everyone has dreams, but everyone forgets.” 

Ending on Criminals, which the band admit is a darker yet no less melodic track, it’s a song that’s been in the band’s rotation for a while. “We recorded it in 2021, but never felt a place for it, until now. It balances the EP and ends it on a high. For some reasons we’ve always underrated this song, as it goes down a treat at live shows and is often our opener.”

Having tasted success by gaining regional airplay, the band’s focus turns to their live show, and they’ve got an explosive London debut already under their belts. “London was an experience. A five hour drive just to play a half hour set for a near enough sold-out night, with a surprising sprinkle of people from Sunderland chanting our tunes back from the front row!”

Docksuns release Nile Street on 1st July.


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