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Newcastle singer-songwriter Cortney Dixon is an artist who is doing quite well at the moment. Her first single Summer Eyes was championed by BBC Introducing, then CD Baby bigged her up, which led to her first international performance at Reeperbahn Festival in September and now she follows that up with her excellent new single ‘What You Wanna Do’ The track is the second single from her forthcoming EP entitled ‘Our Intuition’ produced by Jim Lowe (Stereophonics/Charlatans) and was released Friday 1st November with a snazzy video. We had a chat with Cortney to find out more about her, the track and future plans.

Who are some of the biggest influences on your music?
They are so many, but I would say the main ones are Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Kate Bush and Bowie.

Describe your songwriting process. 
I spend a lot of time sat with my guitar, piecing together chord sequences and melodies until I stumble across something I really like. I have big A3 book where I do a lot of spider diagrams to get all the thoughts out of my head and onto paper, then I can start piecing together what it is I am wanting to say. It is hilarious though when I do a writing session with someone and rock up with a massive A3 booklet! Sometimes I find writing like this can get a bit boring and everything starts to sound the same, so I change it up by working from a beat or working from an instrument I’m not as familiar with. Normally for me, that is piano. For some reason it makes me hear things a different way. 

What is your latest single What You Wanna Do? about? Is it based on personal experience?
What You Wanna Do, is based on a personal experience, yes, and I’d imagine a lot of people have experienced something similar. It is about that person who comes along and who you instantly fall madly in love with – except you know you absolutely shouldn’t. Both of you are made up of entirely different things and yet somehow it feels like you’re exactly the same. It‘s a love that turns you mental. It’s a love that’s not sustainable. It throws everything you thought you knew into complete disarray and turns your answers back to questions. It’s never going to work, and you both know that, so you have to decide What You Wanna Do.

Who choreographed the music video to What You Wanna Do?
Megan Brown and Jenny Chrisp, who together are called ‘What’s that Dance’, choreographed the music video. They are two very talented ladies and they did such a wonderful job. I was super grateful and very lucky to have them involved. We worked for weeks on end putting together the whole routine and there were so many parts of the dance that didn’t make it into the final cut. I’m almost tempted to make another video with all of the un-used routines haha. 

The single is taken from your upcoming EP ‘Our Intuition’. When is that due for release and can you tell us any more about it?
The EP is due out early in the new year and we will hopefully have Vinyl Editions too!! 

 What are your plans for 2020?
2020 will bring lots more full-band gigs, up and down the country, a new single, an EP and I want to spend a lot of next year writing lots of new music and collaborating!!

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