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Back after a lengthy hiatus, Sunderland’s purveyors of polished, emotionally charged indie rock Cohesion are making up for lost time with a new EP release and undertaking a short UK tour.

Taking time out can mean it’s difficult to get going again but it seems that although the creative process was on the backburner, they managed to stay active on the live scene. My question though was if there was there a specific reason why they took time out from writing new material?

Guitarist Lewis Cooke explains: “Without sounding like the tortured artist cliché, each of us have individually been through a lot in the past year and a half and I think you can hear it in this new EP. It has it’s ups and downs, and hopefully people can relate to the themes within it. We haven’t set out to rebrand ourselves or anything with this release, but there is a sense of change within us, both as musicians and as people.”

Despite the band growing and adapting as people, the new record manages to retain a continuity with previous material, which is great to hear. Not so much a new sound but a progression.  “There hasn’t been any conscious decisions made to change or keep our sound. It’s all been very organic. We are really lucky to have our own rehearsal space, which for all of us is like our second home. When we moved in to our rehearsal space, we acquired an old organ that for the most part was, and still is, used as a shelf for red wine. We started experimenting with it and it became the beginning for the single Eagle, This is Columbia.”

Speaking of the new single, heavy with connotations of space exploration that can sometimes bring to mind a sense of isolation and loneliness. Was that the inspiration? “It had a working title of Moon for a long time. When we were in the studio working on the production we stumbled on some audio recordings of the moon landings and decided it had to feature. The thought of those voices being transmitted from the moon back to earth seemed to fit with the distance theme the track portrays, the moon is used as a metaphor for distance between two people. Music is so subjective and depends entirely on the listener’s circumstance at the time, but I think even at first listen you can hear the almost nostalgic anxiety and the outpouring of built up emotion.”

With a short tour coming up, it’s easy to imagine the wanton hedonism that could occur but Cooke isn’t telling: “A lot can go on between the four walls of a hotel room so we’ll just leave it up to the imaginations of the readers as to what! We don’t really live up to rock star reputations on tour, an after party usually involves an intense game of Monopoly in the hotel room. Although I think we do hold the record for most hotel noise complaints in Leeds after a Monopoly game went south and the band nearly came to blows…”

Pleasures of the Earth is out now. Cohesion play Jumpin’ Jacks on Saturday 15th April.

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