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Three years have passed since Chloe Chadwick, labelled the ‘Northern Country Queen’ released her debut album, Dustbowl Jukebox, and after a lengthy period of non-stop working she took some time off away from music. Thankfully, she returns with a poignant new release, Devil’s Game (out 14th August), a bittersweet, mid-tempo, acoustic track discussing gambling, addiction and the eventual suicide of a woman who leaves behind a young family following a slow descent into self-destruction.

We caught up with the returning Chloe Chadwick to chat about her new release, and to find out what she’s been up to…

This is your first release in three years, what have you been up to in that time?
Moving, getting engaged, writing new music, and living life! I spent the best part of 15 years performing up and down the country as well as recording over 30 songs. I felt a break was due somewhere down the line and so once my album was released, I finished my tour and we played some summer festivals, it was then time to re-charge the batteries and, to freshen up!

How is the UK country music scene? Any recommendations?
It’s going great! Particularly in the UK, country music has come a long way over the last few years with acts like The Shires and Ward Thomas who have really made their mark in British Country music. I was on the same bill as The Wandering Hearts and they were awesome live so ones to watch out for. The scene is forever changing and there’s so much great music to choose from.

Could you briefly describe your songwriting process?
My songwriting process has changed over the years, I suppose it’s down to maturing as a person. I’ve always written from the heart and life experiences, not to just make a song that’s trending currently. I don’t get a buzz from writing to please people or to gain followers, I understand why some artists do it, but it’s not what gives me a buzz. Writing from the heart, from experiences, from decisions I’ve made in my own life whether good or bad is what gives me the passion to write. We are not perfect people, but now more than ever, the audience wants to know all about you and your life, and if you have a story to tell, people can relate to it.

Tell us more about your new single, Devil’s Game.
Devil’s Game is a haunting story about someone who committed suicide and left her family behind because of her gambling addiction. It’s an extremely sad story and one that really touched me to the point that I just had to write about it. Gambling and addiction alone are two things that have impacted my life by being on the receiving end of it. It really does tear people’s lives apart. I wrote a rough draft of the song nearly two years ago and I have been working on it ever since. It’s a heartfelt song to sing because it has such a poignant message behind it but at the same time it makes me proud to be able to show a different side to myself, and my song writing, and I hope the song helps to spread awareness of these subjects that take so many people’s lives in the UK.

What do you think about the gambling industry and their practices?
Irresponsible; you only have to look at the statistics to see the impacts of gambling. There are over 500 suicides every year in the UK alone due to gambling. I think it’s too easy for anyone to gamble online. There’s no real credit checks, if you have a card you can start right away; there’s so many people who are gambling who don’t have the money to lose, but feel like they have no other way out to pay their bills. It’s a downward spiral and I believe we can all do more to help spread awareness of this type of addiction.

Where was the single recorded and who produced it?
The single was recorded at Animal Farm Studios in London. I have worked alongside the team at Animal Farm for the past 12 months, they have been really supportive of my music. Plus they let me loose in the studio, which I love. Together we’ve recorded some of my best work to date and I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Have you got any future releases in the pipeline?
Yes, I have, so watch this space!

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