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Callum Pitt is a songwriter for now. His message, tender and important, has certainly helped countless people through tough times and tougher are surely to come. Earlier this year, his single Ghost, explored the minutiae of human interactions during crisis, specifically terminal illness. It does not wallow in pain but gives thanks for the small things.

Callum explains that he always looks for the positive thread that runs through sad situations.Happy memories could thankfully still be made despite this black cloud waiting in the distance much of the time.” While Here If You Need gives his sonic hug to the exponentially growing number of us that are losing hope in a society, fractured by design: “Well if ever you feel cheap and old within this sea of greed / Take some time for yourself and I’ll be here if you need”. His new single, Sea Of Noise, is true to this manifesto, celebrating the unique human experience of happy-sad. “The title alludes to a feeling of helplessness and feeling surrounded by quite a lot of negative things, but the song discusses having a person take your mind away from that kind of mindset and keeping it away.” He explains.

There is something exposed about an introvert releasing music under his own name. An intimacy that we’ve not yet earned. He’s aware of this and has embraced it. “It certainly had its challenges at the start as it’s weird to see myself as someone who can perform to hundreds of people as an introvert, but I’m getting better at defining my normal self and the performing artist version of me.” As he grows into his role we cherish both, supporting the artist, determined to repay the trust the man put in us.

Callum does not discriminate between his senses when allowing creativity to move through him; stirring a sensory soup of sound, vision and vocabulary

Moods and textures have swayed from single to single but, as is the case with songwriters and musicians with a strong sense of self, the songs all feel unmistakably like Callum Pitt. Some of this is down to technique: “Overall my vocals are probably quite consistent across songs, for instance I love group vocals in a chorus, and also there’s a particular harmony which I use loads,” but he also has the immeasurable, undefinable (we aren’t going to say youknowwhat-factor) ‘thing’ that makes him, him. Callum does not discriminate between his senses when allowing creativity to move through him; stirring a sensory soup of sound, vision and vocabulary when he writes. “The song was initially called Out Of The Water when I wrote the first version a few years back, so I’ve always had water imagery in mind for it.”

After a whole bunch of wonderful singles and an excellent EP, there can surely only be one thing left, the big debut album! “I’m definitely ready to step away from single releases and prepare a more cohesive body of work, so yeah that’s really not too far away at all.”

Finally, when asked for tips, he reveals another side to the gentle singer: a sure footed, unflinching man on a mission. Not just budding songwriters but all of us would do well to listen. “Have a clear vision for what you want to achieve, and be very stubborn to make it happen. Surround yourself with supportive and loving people, don’t do anything you are uncomfortable with, value yourself, manage your expectations and enjoy making music as much as you can!”

Callum Pitt releases Sea of Noise on 6th November


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