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Pure passion often steers artists into the music industry. However, most have to enter with eyes wide open. We all know how expensive it can be, but the savvy people from all over our region find ways to make it work; they have to, they simply can’t see themselves doing anything else. Blissfully playing their part is Darlington’s Butterfly Effect Records, who launched in 2015 with the intention of giving the undiscovered and unconventional a home. The label, under founder Stephen Gill’s tutelage, create limited vinyl releases with that extra bit of pizazz; with the curation and design of the whole package being key to their ethos.

Stephen understands the scene in-depth and, after keen discussions with musicians about the difficulties of making money and covering costs when it came to releases, decided there had to be a way he could assist. With Butterfly Effect, he set about creating something that would do two positive things: offer meaningful money to performers, and something valuable and collectable to music fans, an artefact in effect. The result was a singles club, harking back that feeling of being part of a special society. “I’m trying to give money to musicians as well as give something lovely and collectable to music fans; it’s a win/win situation. All done for the love and the creation of a physical record that should last decades.”

I’m trying to give money to musicians as well as give something lovely and collectable to music fans; it’s a win/win situation

Once a month (ish), a record is released by North East (ish) musicians. As well as audio quality, a DIY art aesthetic is also at the forefront for the records, which so far have included screen prints, Polaroids and vinyl cuts. It’s exclusive too, as the maximum number of copies for sale is forty and, if you buy one, you’re automatically entitled to the first refusal for the next. Each record costs £20 (plus p&p), and you can rest assured that 80% of profits go to the artist.

So far, there have been 7” releases from the likes of gospel blues band The Dead Seat, clamorous pop duo The Noise & The Naïve, Teesside noiseniks Magick Godmothers, North Yorkshire’s alt. hip-hop group Ceiling Demons, Darlington’s funky and groove act Weekend Sun, and Ste from Mouses among others. Releases are also on the horizon for alt. rock loop guitarist Girl From Winter Jargon and JP Riggall, whose tracks An Arrival, A Departure and Untilled House are delightfully moody and rocky, with terrific harmonies and a sprinkling of 70s influence. The record, released in July, will be a hand-cut lathe with an individually signed print designed by the artist which continues Jim’s themes of travel, both physically and emotionally.

The singles club has proven extremely popular, with most releases selling out. Progress is measurable too, as bands have used the money to help buy equipment, recording or rehearsal sessions, thus ensuring everyone involved is on the up and up.

Butterfly Effect Records release JP Riggall’s An Arrival, A Departure/Untilled House this month

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