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There’s absolutely no question that Boy Jumps Ship have got the right rock credentials. The first single, Burn, from their new album has already been endorsed by the likes of the Radio 1 Rock Show and Kerrang! Magazine and it’s not really surprising. Opening the record with its relentless post-hardcore slabs of riffing guitars, it’s a clear statement of intent. The release of the band’s debut album, Wake Up, this month will undoubtedly turn a lot of heads (and ears) towards what this North East quartet are up to.

Production duties on the record were handled by ex-Hundred Reasons man Larry Hibbit, and the result is a really, really big sound: “We remember him coming to see us in London long before anything was set in motion and, as clichéd as it might sound, we all felt as though he ‘got’ our band instantly.” They explain.

Although the album is being released by Amazing Records, BJS were the welcoming recipients of a PRS Foundation grant towards recording. This squares nicely with the band’s desire to remain independent and in charge of their musical direction. “The PRS Foundation is an incredible source for musicians who feel they are ready to make that extra step. Especially if they are unwilling to tie themselves to any sort of record contract that could hamper their creative output.” But, cultural funding being as scarce as it is these days, it surely still takes effort to get this type of assistance?

“The opportunities and funding are there. You just have to find it. Whether bands expect it to just fall in their lap or not, I don’t know. You have to work hard enough to make sure you’re at a level that the people who have the power to fund you or give you opportunities think you are worth their time. In general, the UK has always seen ‘The Arts’ as a hobby, so it is certainly not as easy as in some countries.”

We might have to shout twice as loud for people to hear us, but it’s something we’re more than prepared to do

What people can look forward from the release is an album full of positive fist thumpers that seem to have been specifically written to engage and entertain. The rousing call-to-arms of We Are The Rebels isn’t exactly subtle, but when did the spirit of revolution ever need to be? This no-nonsense approach is refreshing in an era where bands seem to delight in trying to outwit their audiences. Such a different approach from Boy Jumps Ship makes one wonder how deliberate this was? “In our earlier releases as a band we did tend to complicate things. As we have grown as a band and honed our sound we have stripped things back to get to the essence of the song and incorporate more dynamics. To be honest, we just wanted to write a big sounding rock album as that is what we love.”

Although a musically very direct record, are the lyrics as direct? “The songs are a mission statement, whether we’re talking about our relationships with the people around us, our life experiences or even the things going on in society right now, it’s about using that adversity and turning it into positive energy!”

Wake Up seem a very apt title then, so if you do find yourself snoozing, don’t worry because as Boy Jumps Ship put it: “We might have to shout twice as loud for people to hear us, but it’s something we’re more than prepared to do.”

Boy Jumps Ship launch Wake Up at O2 Academy, Newcastle on Saturday 23rd April.

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