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There’s a lot of talk in the grime scene about the genre being dead. It’s lost some hype since 2015’s wonder year but grime is far from over, 140 Grime Street has simply emigrated away from the capital, with Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham are hotbeds MCs, and Middlesbrough isn’t far behind.

Teesside has felt close to a breakthrough for years, and with each release from TGF it becomes more inevitable that Blitz and co., will rise as one of the top new gen grime crews. Blitz doesn’t think dead is the right word for grime’s current state, “It’s definitely taken a back seat while Afrobeat and frill is going from strength to strength. I feel UK urban music is the healthiest it’s ever been and grime has definitely gone quiet but it will explode back into the forefront again in the near future.”

The Teessider has been spearheading his region’s explosion on to the grime scene. Earning plaudits from legends like Logan Sama and Jme, and linking up with UK powerhouses Nolay, Eyez and Tremz, Blitz is a godfather in Middlesbrough grime circles and takes great pride in helping the development of younger MCs.

“It means the world to me,” Blitz says. “TGF, the shows I put on, this is all due to my own frustration and lack of opportunities as a young ‘un and I promised myself I’d make sure the generations after me would never have to go through that. Josh [Watson] and Naz [Ali] are the future of Teesside music, mark my words. I’m so proud of them both.”

Despite the strides they have made with grime in ‘Boro, TGF are rebranding from Tees Grime Family to Together Getting Funds. Blitz’ upcoming release, The Law of Attraction, is set to feature his final 140 bpm music for the foreseeable future.

“I don’t want to be labelled as a grime artist because I feel like I have so much to offer and my versatility can’t be matched by most artists in the UK, right now I’m making music with a purpose and music I enjoy and I’d hate to think I was limiting my potential with a label.”

While he’s not using grime to inspire his region, Blitz does believe The Law Of Attraction’s message is something all artists in the North East should take heed of. “I’ve really experimented and had fun with this one,” he explains, “and if everyone incorporates what the project promotes into their own careers I feel like we can all grow individually and collectively the way we should have for the last five years.”

Alongside The Law Of Attraction set for release this July, Blitz and the rest of TGF will be supporting Kamakaze at Newcastle’s World Headquarters on Friday 20th July, and there’s more to come. “I can promise you at least one other project after The Law Of Attraction, that’s a guarantee. I’ve been working closely with Tremz on a few things so that’s a link up you’ll see regularly through the rest of the year, a consistent flow of visuals, maybe a couple a shows and part two of the Ascending Force documentary is being worked on as well. If everyone isn’t sick of the sight of me by the end of the year I haven’t worked hard enough.”


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