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Newcastle’s Beth Macari is a soulstress & songwriter who looks to build on previous year’s successes and has been busy working behind the scenes preparing for the release of five new singles. Each single being released three weeks apart and each one accompanied by a music video which at the end interlink to form a short film. The first, I Promise (that I got you), is released Friday and so we got in touch with Beth to find out more.

Where did you record these singles at? Did you get them down in one big recording session?
My drummer and I have our own space at a great music hub in Newcastle called the Business Works, we have made it into our own recording studio so for the first time we have recorded all of our new music there 🙂 But no it definitely wasn’t one big recording session, it’s been a big learning process, and the five singles have taken quite some time to get to a place we are really happy with, but I wouldn’t change a thing! 

What is your songwriting process?
I tend to come up with both the lyrics and melody together, then I take it to my band and we start working underneath that. Sometimes we’ve done it where one of my band send me chords to work over and that works too but 90% of the time it starts with a melody and some lyrics I’ve got and we build it from there 🙂 My band are so great and happy to write in any way as I do change it up a lot, we write in pairs, as a team, or just by myself, they’re always super involved and patient with me. 

Do these singles following any sort of theme?
They are all very honest songs so I guess the theme would be ‘honesty’. One of the singles is about accepting who you are and saying out loud that  ‘I AM’ everything I need (spoiler alert), another is about a situation in my life I have really struggled with and had to come to accept probably won’t ever change, some people are nice kind humans, others are not, but as long as I am always the first, that is what I have control of, you can’t change other people or their actions. And the last single is just a big thank you to the amazing soul singers that have inspired me and helped me fall in love with singing, so it is safe to say all 5 singles are pretty different, but definitely all honest. 

What inspired this first release, I Promise (that I got you)?
Well…. My band and I had written around 20 new songs towards the end of 2019, and I had this cool soulful melody but just couldn’t find inspiration for lyrics, I felt lyric’d- out at this point. In the studio one day I sang it to the band and my pianist Jonny said ‘You should write about a threesome’ (as you do)… and so I did! The broader concept is about being honest (again) in your relationship and always having each other’s backs… But its also about a threesome, ill let my listeners make their own interpretation of it hehe. 

Each Single is accompanied by a music video which at the end interlink to form a short film. Can you tell us more about that?
I have to say of everything I have done in my career so far, shooting these videos was the most fun and accepted that I have ever felt! Working with Ollie Rillands is amazing, he totally gets me, he is so supportive and wants the artist to really own it, and thanks to him I feel like I did. With all previous releases I have had people (labels, ‘friends’, industry folk) criticising everything about me, from my outfit choices to my body or my voice being too powerful, but not with Ollie, he really helped bring my vision to life and create 5 music videos that fully embody who I am as an artist! They are almost like 5 chapters of a film but split up, releasing each chapter one at a time with each single release. Then at the end, there will be a director’s cut, which will be all videos together.

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