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After an incredible 2019, Teesside’s indie-disco party starters, Be Quiet. Shout Loud! return to the fray with a brand new floor-filler, Til The Weekend. It’s the first of three singles that will be released ahead of their new LP which will be released at the end of May and celebrated (hopefully) with a mega launch show at The Georgian Theatre on 6th June with support from Electric Six’s Dick Valentine.

Probably been a while since someone asked this, but how did the band come together?
Two of us met in school, we met another lurking about in a forum on the internet, we found the fourth member drunk, underneath a railway bridge outside of a nightclub in Middlesbrough and finally, number five joined BQSL after one of us sent him a drunk message at 5am on a Sunday morning.

How has ‘hailing from the working-class suburbs of Middlesbrough’ shaped your sound?
Growing up, there were a lot of guitar bands with similar sounds around here, influenced by Oasis, The Strokes, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys etc. I think a large part of our sound comes from attempting to stand out from that and another part of it comes from living in a small town where you’d very much see the same people at the same clubs and the same parties every week. When you’re from Teesside, you can’t help but carry that as a very big part of your identity, you’re brought up to be proud of your home but quite often feel like it’s the butt of many jokes to people from bigger cities and down south – we like to write pop songs and we like to have fun with our music but there’s still an underlying feeling in our music of anger and the chip in your shoulder that can come hand in hand with being a Teessider.

You guys have been a relevant and prolific force on the North-East music scene for some time now. What is the secret to your longevity and how do you keep things fresh?
It’s not easy. Being in a band at the DIY level is draining on all fronts. We’re fortunate that between us we have someone who can produce the music, someone who’s excellent with graphic design, someone with events management and promotion experience, someone with a media background, someone with a lighting and multimedia technician background, but it’s still quite knackering. What we’re really good at is checking in on each other and keeping ourselves afloat, mentally. That helps the longevity for sure. We fight like fuck at times, but it always comes from a place of love for the band and for each other. We keep things fresh by being open to swathes of influence. It would be easy for us to default to consuming nothing but Indie, but then nothing would really set us apart, we’d just sound like another recycled version The Strokes or something. We have a mantra of “best idea wins” when it comes to crafting our music, and that’s because it does. The five of us have completely different tastes in music, and because of that, when we’re coming up with parts for songs you could very easily have Punk, Indie, Hair Metal, Disco and Pop all colliding at once.  

Describe your creative process when writing songs.
We come up with ideas at home, we thrash them out as a band at rehearsal and take recordings home with us, where we refine the structure and direction of the song. Back to rehearsal where it’s bashed into shape, then to the studio where we record the music. At this point, you get a completely different perspective of the track and time is spent experimenting with arrangement ideas, tempos and even the key. We have been known to have a track completed, and then take it back to just the drums as we re-record and try it in a different key! Usually, the lyrics are written after a song is recorded.

Sum up your new single in one line.
It’s a 3 and a half minute disco-punk anthem about fucking your job off and doing nice things instead.

What inspired your latest single, Til The Weekend?
Mental health. Looking after yourself. Realising that life is too short to always go along with everyone else’s plan. Finding a way to cope with modern life that doesn’t involve drinking yourself into oblivion. Running away and never coming back. Musically, the song started off in a “happier” stylistic, but as soon as the lyrical themes started to develop, the music went with it.

What else have you got in the pipeline (future releases, shows to support releases, etc)?
(‘Til the Weekend) Comes Round Again is the first of three releases from a full-length LP being released on 22nd May. The next two singles will arrive on 17th April (Life Line) and 15th May (Electric Town). We’re pressing this album to incredibly limited edition vinyl in two different colours, and giving it a CD release, as well as releasing our 2018 EP Another Commotion on CD for the first time. 

We have an incredibly special show planned at the Georgian Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees on 6 June to celebrate the release of our LP. We’ll be joined by special guest Dick Valentine of Electric Six and a couple of our favourite acts from the North East, too. We’ll also be playing an intimate full band show at Sound It Out Records, Stockton on David Beckham’s Birthday (2nd May) to drum up pre-orders for the LP. It’s worth adding at this point that without the support of Independent Record Shops like Sound It Out Records, releases like our upcoming album wouldn’t be possible. The support from the staff, as well as the customers, allows us the ability to release music physically, 

As well as that we’re playing Stockton Calling on 11th April, headlining stages at Rock and Bowl Festival and Audlem Festival toward the end of May, playing the very first Fletcher Farm Festival, Into the Fields Festival and Nah Then Festival in July. We have a Newcastle and Sunderland show to announce, too and are ironing out details on a couple more shows in a couple more cities.


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