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Conducting in our interview while sat poolside in Vienna, preparing to perform at the Wiener Stadthalle arena supporting Louis Tomlinson, Andrew Cushin is certainly living his best life.

With his career lurching into action back in 2020, and Noel Gallagher producing his 2021 single Where’s My Family Gone?, the skyrocketing story of Cushin has seen him progress phenomenally over the few years he’s been making music. Having supported acts like Paul Weller, Jake Bugg and Johnny Marr, the 23-year-old songwriter from Newcastle has been honing his craft and fine-tuning his songs, which depict modern life and the tribulations and journeys we all experience, and he’s now gearing up for the release of his long anticipated debut album.

Waiting For The Rain is out on 29th September, and is almost immediately succeeded by a tour up and down the country. “Honestly, I haven’t really written it as an album.” Cushin shares. “I started writing songs when I was 16 and out of all the songs I’ve ever written, this is the cream of the crop. Some tracks have been with me seven years, and gone through lots of different stages and forms. It’s a little out of my comfort zone tweaking some of them or polishing them up and letting them go, the title track is the first song I ever wrote. I remember playing it to my mates and it really feeling important. I think even they knew it was gonna lead to something.”

“I started writing songs when I was 16 and out of all the songs I’ve ever written, this is the cream of the crop

When reflecting on the new album, which Cushin describes as “a few toe-tappers, a few movers, and the occasional sit down song”, the one word that keeps coming up is pride. There’s a clear sense that no part of this journey has gone unnoticed by the artist, from the album to the tour, Cushin seems highly aware that these insane events are something to be proud of. “If it takes off now, or if go get a normal job, I’m so proud of what I’m doing now. I’m proud of this adventure. We moved house when I was a kid and out of boredom I got my dad’s guitar. At 16 I figured out House Of The Rising Sun, then Bob Dylan and Neil Young became my obsessions, now the ball’s got rolling and it’s all because of that. If it didn’t start there, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m so proud of where I’ve ended up and so proud of my band, they’re fucking good.”

Although many of the tracks are the chorus-heavy, anthemic hits that carry the youthful exuberance of Cushin’s indie sound, tracks like 4.5%, which depicts his father’s struggle with alcohol, feel different and hint at an artist with a maturity beyond his years. “It’s the one I struggle to sing live, it had me in tears in the studio.” He says. “I’ve gigged it for years acoustically, watching it grow with the band into a different song is beautiful. It’s a tough experience to relive each night, but it’s a song people relate to. It’s nice for me to know there’s others out there, I think the fans are helping me with it as much as I’m helping them.”

Andrew Cushin releases Waiting For The Rain on 29th September. He plays O2 City Hall, Newcastle on Saturday 4th November (sold out) and Saturday 16th December.


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