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I live in Alnwick. It’s the middle of retirement-home nowhere. I swear to God I must be the only rapper from there.” Abi Nyxx’s route into rapping is probably a fairly typical one; seeking out the North East music scene through a combination of “luck, boredom and stubbornness” the Northumberland artist has become one of the most talked about MCs on the scene thanks to her fast flow, lyrical prowess and ability to turn her hand to any genre.

Abi explains that she’s developed her skills out of necessity: “My boredom drove me to create videos of me rapping and singing and being an idiot in my room, and it was luck that these videos got picked up by events promoters from Newcastle, and the North East music scene at large. My philosophy with creating and posting these things was that I would give people no choice but to notice me.”

Abi’s versatility and restless spirit is undoubtedly her crowning glory. Recent single Suffocated takes an electro pop route to demonstrate her superb vocals, interspersed with her trademark fast rapping, while previously released track The Promise is full of quick-witted fury. “I do like to keep listeners on their toes, like: ‘Will she be singing this time? Rapping? Will it be grime or drum ‘n’ bass or rock?’” She says, of her genre-blurring style. “[My sound is like] tonal whiplash. A bit of everything, here and there. Obviously, I have my signature kind of sounds: bassy rap tunes, punchy and aggressive verses fused with wispy vocals which can turn intense at any moment. Harmonies, reverb, longing, anger.”

I went into rapping with this belief that I would have to shout louder, say more, make double the impact, to be noticed as a petite little white girl

Having got into hip-hop through battle rap, Abi admits that much of her material carries a gritty need to prove something. “I went into rapping with this belief that I would have to shout louder, say more, make double the impact, to be noticed as a petite little white girl. Proving myself, overcoming adversities of self-doubt and knockbacks, that’s a pervasive theme for sure.” She admits that recent work has turned more introspective, as she investigates her own fears and intrusive thoughts, grappling with a recently diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder through her lyrics. While I didn’t know this when I was writing my songs, I can hear it in the lines, the struggle therein, and the inner conflict of what is me vs what is my disorder. This is a theme that I would like to explore more.”

Admitting that inspiration comes faster than the motivation to keep to a proper release plan, Abi has a couple of tracks in the pipeline. “I have two very fast-flow, rap orientated tracks at the ready, as well as a collab with local artist Left-Blank which is ready to go. These will be my next releases as I want to remind everyone of my abilities. Just because Abi Nyxx makes synth pop tunes doesn’t mean she won’t beat you in a battle in the same breath!”

Abi Nyxx performs at The Cluny, Newcastle on Friday 23rd July


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