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Who are you? / What is it you do? / How long have you been doing it? 
Fiona: I have been a singer since I can remember, but I found my voice quite recently, finally plucking up  the courage to get involved in music and helping out in any project I can. Working around my office day  job. I love working to a brief and creating something that adds to the art produced by my very talented  musician friends. Being around creative people taps in to what has been quite a reluctant part of myself  to put my voice out there and find my musical identity. 

Adam: I’m a musician from Sunderland, have played in/co-founded many bands including Groovebox  Adam’s Band, Captain Naughty Fingers and Picturehouse Delux. 

I play bass and annoy the other members with unnecessary Jazz-foolery. I’ve been doing this for as long  as I can remember. 

What inspires you? / Tell us about your music. 
Fiona: Although I have been a musician my whole life, it has always been a hobby. I considered myself  moderately talented, but not specifically gifted. The determination and courage demonstrated by the  artists I know has led me to examine my own strengths, and makes me realise that I do have ideas, and I  do have a style that may be unique enough to attract positive feedback. What inspires me is the guts  and honesty of the local musicians I know to show their identities through the art they produce, working  with them makes me want to work hard and enrich their ideas and add something of my own that helps  them to understand their own work from an external point of view.  

Adam: Experimentation and people who experiment, John Cage, Mike Patton, etc. I tend to fiddle  around and see where it goes, I don’t like planning things out (often to the horror of my bandmates). 

What have you got coming up in the future? / Where can people find out more about you? 
Fiona: I don’t have my own musical presence on social media, but I hope to be involved in new projects  that come out of this period of quiet on the scene caused by the pandemic. I imagine myself as a  support and a backing, or even an extra voice for anyone who may ask me for it, so keep an eye out. The  beauty of my musical endeavours is that you can never predict what I’ll be doing or who I will be working  with, and I relish the unpredictability! 

Adam: We’ve got a few more releases in the pipeline that will be announced at and

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