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Who are you and where are you from?
Thrones are an alternative rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, we have been around for nearly a year. Originally started as an internet project during covid lockdown to now playing live shows across the UK and looking to expand further. The band has released two singles, Conscience and True Colours, and we are preparing to release our next single Diamonds on the 20th of September! The band has been very active since debuting in September 2021 and is slowly building a following.

What is it you do?
We are an alternative rock band with each member deriving from other genres and forming them together to create our sound. We are very lucky that every member of the band are songwriters with their own voices and influences. As songwriters, we like to experiment with a combination of our different influences to create an alt-rock sound that stands out within the scene. 

How long have you been doing it?
We are all experienced musicians and have been in bands such as “Worldeater, Anchored By Avarice, Zealous, Hakara and Conquered”. We are all at the stage in our life where we are aspiring to take our experience to the next level and become a successful touring band – there’s nothing more we want than to share our music beyond the UK. Thrones is a shared passion between the four of us who all have the same musical ambitions, all of us in the band have crossed paths and been in previous projects together in the North East music scene.

What inspires you?
Our music is a combination of alternative rock with elements of metal and even pop music. Why should we stick to one clean-cut genre when we can try and make something new? You can hear we try to involve a variety of different influences whilst fitting into the alt-rock banner, we particularly like to incorporate electronic, synth-based elements into our music to really modernise it. We are very inspired by bands such as Architects, Sleep Token, Don Broco, Bring Me The Horizon, Normandie, Fightstar, Emarosa and many more. Everyone in the band wants to make an impact with our sound and capture that mammoth alt-rock sound with further melodic and interesting textures to show our own unique characteristics. The band is very much motivated to bring that massive and giant sound that you get from the bands we are influenced by and bring it to the local clubs and in our releases, we want to make a big impact and show what we can do.

Tell us about your music
Thrones have big plans for the near future including a Newcastle show for Make a Scene supporting ‘NoYou’ at Bobiks and plans for more releases this year. We’re planning on hitting hard next year with releases and playing as many shows as we can so we can be heard! If you haven’t seen our live show you’re missing out! We have been spending a lot of time improving our show and production, we are stepping it up and you’ll get to see what we mean at the show on the 23rd

What have you got coming up in the future?
Our plans for the next months have been in the works for a while, there has been a lot of changes within the last few months and we’ve worked hard to show what we’ve been planning. It feels like a new era for us and the first phase will be our next single Diamonds releasing on the 20th of September ahead of our Newcastle show with NoYou on the 23rd. It will be released on all major streaming services, you won’t want to miss this one. It is a track we are really proud of and you won’t be waiting much longer after for more new music once it releases.

Where can people find out more about you?
You can get up to date with Thrones on our social links below, this includes upcoming shows and all our released/upcoming music.

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