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Combining traditional elements of the surf sound with a DIY punk aesthetic, Sunderland’s The Milk Lizards unveil their sophomore album, Warm, which perfectly encapsulates their raw and energetic sound. Here, we find out more about the band…

*Who are you?
We’re The Milk Lizards, The North East Coast’s premier instrumental surf band. 

*What is it you do?
We play instrumental surf punk bangers. 

*How long have you been doing it? 
We started as a four-piece traditional surf covers band in 2014. We only did about four gigs but by July, life got in the way and we spilt. We started again as a three piece in 2016 and played our first gig at NARC. Fest that July. We’ve been playing all over the country ever since, apart from 2020 that is.

*What inspires you? 
People who do it themselves. Bands that do it themselves  People who stick to their ethics and don’t compromise their ideas. As far as music goes, we draw from 60s surf and garage, Latin, Tijuana brass, Hawaiian all the way to Metal and Black Metal. 

*Tell us about your music 
Being an instrumental band is liberating. No lyrics and no singing means the hardest parts are eliminated. All that’s left are riffs. The hardest part that’s left is writing actual instrumentals and not just songs without words. We try to keep our songs short and interesting. 

*What have you got coming up in the future? 
We’ve just released our second album, Warm.  It’d be nice to play some gigs again soon. 

*Where can people find out more about you? 
They can give us a like on good old Facebook to keep up to date, and can hear all our music on our Bandcamp page.


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