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Who are you?
My name is S. J. Honour but you can call me Sam.

What is it you do?
Primarily, I’m a science fiction writer but I’m also a playwright and actor.

How long have you been doing it?
I started writing plays when I was 18 and had a couple of short plays performed at Live Theatre in Newcastle. After I graduated in 2012, I wrote and produced several plays in Newcastle and even had a play selected to be part of the 24/7 Festival, a new writing festival in Manchester. I started writing sci fi short stories in 2016, having a number published in sci fi magazines that year. I released my own collection of shorts called Inevitable Tomorrows in 2017 and followed it in 2019 with another collection, Past the Edge. We, The Broken is my first novel and the road to its publishing has been long and winding! It feels good to finally be putting it out there.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by the human race. Our species is capable of both wondrous beauty and despicable cruelty and I aim in my writing to explore the best and worst aspects of humanity, especially how our relationship with technology works for our betterment or detriment. Professionally, my writing is inspired by the works of the great masters of science fiction, Issac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. 

Tell us about your work.
We, The Broken explores what it means to be human, if our humanity is an inherent and exclusive right of our species or if it is something that can be earned. It’s the story of Lara, a robot so advanced that she is indiscernible from a human, who’s made the victim of a violent attack and of Shaun, a detective with a troubled past, who sees her as more than just a machine. As Shaun hunts for Lara’s attacker, uncovering a conspiracy that stretches from the streets of Newcastle, right across the country, Lara fights for a place in world determined to deny her one.

What have you got coming up in the future?
I like to have a few irons in the fire at any one time, keeps me on my toes! I’ve started work on a new novel in lockdown and I’m putting the finishing touches to a mockumentary screenplay based on my incredibly brief music career. I’m also currently looking to produce a play I’ve written which was inspired by my other great passion in life, the religion of Dudeism. I do have an idea for a sequel to We, The Broken too so depending on how well it’s received, I might start writing that in the coming months!

Where can people find out more about you?
They can visit my website, where they can read short stories for free and find links to my past work or find me on Facebook, All my work is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback form and We, The Broken is also available as an ebook on Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

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