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Having released their new single Upside Down on 7th March, upbeat folk duo Penny Whispers tell us more about their lively sound

Who are you?
We are a two piece band from sunny Scarborough, Harry Bullen and Terri-Ann Prendergast

What is it you do?
We write songs and make music. We love performing lively energetic sets with our multitude of instruments and harmonies

How long have you been doing it?
We’ve both been playing music for a long time before we met. Terri-Ann did a lot of musical theatre and solo stuff whereas Harry played in a rock band. We both have very different musical tastes but we’ve found this works really well when write.

In 2015 we met, formed a band and travelled the world playing cover songs on cruise ships. It was here we had our first writing session one night after we’d finished a gig. We wrote a song in our cabin somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean and we haven’t really stopped writing since!
We formed Penny Whispers in 2020, played our debut gig at The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester and released our first track Stay A While in April.

What inspires you?
Musically we’re inspired by many amazing artists from various genres, from the genius songwriting of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon through to 80s pop rock groups like Genesis and Duran Duran to modern artists like P!nk & Ellie Goulding… I suppose we’re inspired by the rich story telling and theatrics.

We write fairly organically usually either a melody or lyric that creeps up on us randomly like in the shower or out running and then take it from there. The voice notes on our phones are just full of ideas we’ve come up with from the last 3/4 years if not more! So sometimes when we’re lacking inspiration we’ll just scroll back and listen through and go from there.

It was kind of difficult to be inspired in 2020 with the pandemic, we struggled to be honest. We reached out to our followers and asked them how they were and turned their responses into a song called Wave. We featured their original messages in the video which you can watch on YouTube. Our followers inspired us at this time, humans really are amazing!

Tell us about your music
We write songs about things that we see, feel and observe in the modern age. We’re forever having really long in-depth conversations about intricate scenarios and stories around the world and then bounce ideas around for hours. Most of the time the ideas and feelings that emerge here are the core of our music. It’s great to find something that ignites passion and gets you really excited!

We’re trying to create an authentic sound and our music is hard to pocket into a genre. (Isn’t everyone?!) Our sound has been described as “fierce lively indie rock and pop mix with some triumphant energy”. We love to make music that has bursts of energy and solid meaning, but to be honest we just enjoy experimenting.

What have you got coming up in the future?
Our new track Upside Down is out now. It’s one we wrote years ago and have been breathing new life back into. It’s full of buzz and energy and weird carnival vibes so go check it out!

In terms of live performances, we’ve had a lot of cancelled dates over the last year due to Covid but we are really hoping by Summer 2021 we will be able to get out and play live again – we really miss it!

Where can people find out more about you?
You can find us our socials @pennywhispers

We’re going to be pushing loads of tracks & content this year so keep an eye out on the space or just come say ‘Hi”!


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