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Who are you? 
We’re Patience an alt-rock duo from Saltburn. 

What is it you do?
We are good mates that connect over music, writing is a way we are able to express ourselves and share our outlook on the world around us. Benjamin Shaw is our singer and Sam Peacock is our guitarist. 

How long have you been doing it for?
We have been doing it for a long time! We’ve grown up playing gigs and busking in our local town since the age of 12. The motive to perform together wasn’t simply because we loved music to begin with but because we wanted to use our talents to raise money. We wanted to raise money for a charity scheme the school was running, with the opportunity to visit Nicaragua and help children in need. Unfortunately the trip was cancelled but our performing did not. We’ve played and wrote music together ever since. 

What inspires you? 
Our day to day lives are the inspiration to our music. Everyone has their own perspective on the world. Generic feelings like the ones you experience whilst going through a breakup, or the feelings you experience when you start to like somebody, are definitely valuable feelings that most people can relate to. However, we want to share our personal perspective and give people the chance to see/hear something new, maybe feelings that aren’t often talked about. Our lives aren’t necessarily out of the ordinary but we know everyone has something to share and by taking inspiration from our peers and surrounding, we’ve been able to share our perspective on the world. 

Tell us about your music?
We enjoy writing about current matters in our lives and enjoy exploring new genres. Alternative Rock is always going to play a big part but our music doesn’t have a specific direction it is heading in the long run. We’ve been influenced by the likes of Pinegrove, Ben Howard, The Smiths and Phoebe Bridges, as we love the rawness in their music. 

What have you got coming up?
On the 30th of April a music video is being released for our single, Another Name (watch here). The video was filmed and edited by our good friend Travis Shaw. The video will be released on youtube for everyone to view. The video is a visual representation of our friendship and growth as people. It features various local locations that mean a lot to us. We really enjoyed filming the video and hope everyone enjoys it too. 

We are constantly writing and will be doing lots of exciting things in the near future. 

Where can people find you?
Our Instagram is @patiencemusic_ and our Facebook page is Patience Music. You can listen to our debut EP ‘Timelapse’ on spotify. Please check us out!

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