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Who are you and where are you from?
Oioi, My name is Lucas Flow, I am a producer & rapper based out of Sunderland

What is it you do?
I produce Hip Hop, House & Techno music straight out of the lab from sunny Sunderland. 

How long have you been doing it?
I’ve been doing music since I was a kid from practicing on a rusty pair of decks to saving all my money up for a decent mic, then using them on a beat-up PA system to practice my craft to get where I am today speaking with you.

What inspires you?
In terms of music, all types inspire but my main inspirations have to be life and all the aspects of it, for example when I produce Hip Hop I generally set the mood and tone of the track with my own struggles through life or I like to speak about my own problems and how they relate to everyone else’s may that be happy or sad. When making genres like House I like to make that type of music for the party goers for the people having a good time for the people needing some escapism, something they can easily bop their heads too. One of the main aspects that drives me at times to keep making music is not the money nor the fame is seeing people’s reactions when your tune drops in a club and everyone is vibing of it that’s what makes my hairs stand up that’s what makes the buzz.

Tell us about your music.
I have just released a track with my fellow music partner Keezza that has just surpassed a million views which is a huge milestone for us. We did this without a label or an agent. The track is called Lucas Flow & Keezza – Lover That You Are and it is a commercial House track with a huge piano lead, old-school female house vocals that bring a catchy club vibe and uplifting male vocals to make this a true summer banger. My Hip Hop music has often been described as a blend of new school and old school rap music with a northern soul and identity. I always inspire to sound different from the rest so with all aspects of music I create with my musical partner Keezza we tend to always experiment with chords, sound design to create a different sound. I think our house style of music a lot of the time could be inspired by Robin S as we love to use organs and classical house sounds to work alongside our own sound designs to give it an updated feel. Overall my music can be seen as unique but recognisable yet has its own signature sound. Conforming to genres but being a bit edgy to create something new.

What have you got coming up in the future?
I currently have a number of gigs in the pipeline to help promote our new single, Lover That You Are’. I’ve been booked to gigs around the UK and abroad next year at Malia, Magaluf, and Ibiza. We also look to drop our next single either before Christmas or early next year to the masses. 

Where can people find out more about you?
The main place to find me is Instagram, that’s all I really use. Over and outttt!

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