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Brand new two-piece Look Terrified release their clever indie alt. pop track Keep You Right. Here, we find out all we can from the electro-fuelled duo.

Who are you and where are you from?

Hello! This is Austin and Conor / Conor and Austin – we’re pretty much the same entity at this point. Conor’s from Ipswich originally before living in Newcastle for the last 13 years and Austin’s from way out in the sticks of Northumberland. 

What is it you do?

As of late? A lot of video creation, but that’s all in service of our two-piece project look terrified. We flirt with a few genres but it’s sort of like if Arctic Monkeys dropped out of art school and got really into Ableton live. 

How long have you been doing it?

We officially entered the world two months ago but we’ve been writing, recording and generally scheming for a year prior to that. We’ve each been barking up the music tree for 10 plus years in various guises though. This one just feels like, different…you know? Erm…big things coming, big things coming…

What inspires you?

Austin: A great lyric probably gets me going faster than anything else. When someone’s managed to articulate something you’ve always felt but didn’t even think to talk about. Yet there it is, clear as day in a witty metaphor they nicked right from the back of your skull. 

More tangible responses are buying new music plugins, a long aimless walk, Charlie XCX’s social media, Thom Yorke’s refusal to compromise on anything. Footage from the bottom of the sea where there’s like another lake within the ocean because it has a higher salt content than the water around it (it was on planet earth). 

Conor: Is it cliche if I say “everything”? I’ve always tried to take inspiration from things that aren’t necessarily based within music. With Austin taking the lead on the music production of the band, I’ve found myself looking across fashion, art, film, and everyday life for things that I can build off. There’s a sign on a care home around the corner from my house that reads “PRIVATE PROPERTY” and there’s just something about the font it’s written in and how it’s weathered. It could be an album artwork. 

Tell us about your music

Austin: We’re super DIY, so we try to do as much as we can ourselves. We’re on a GUITAR kick at the moment but from the third single onwards we’re getting more into a weird-pop territory. We’re always trying to make something catchy as hell but with enough weird bits in to keep us interested.

Conor: I think we spent a lot of our musical careers feeling quite restricted with doing things the way they “should” be done or making what we thought people wanted. Now the shackles are off and we’re creating for ourselves, it feels like nothing is off the table and that’s really refreshing. 

What have you got coming up in the future?

Austin: Our next single Keep You Right will be out in the wild on 17th April. This track ended up being a celebration of recklessness. It’s about the push and pull of trying to be a better person, falling into old patterns and a sprinkling of chaotic evil – just because it breaks the monotony of social propriety. It’s the fastest most aggro thing we’ve done, hoping it goes down well when we get the live show sorted… 

Conor: After that we’ll be putting out singles pretty consistently for the rest of the year and doing our debut headline show at some point. We don’t want to over promise but appearing at some festivals and a couple of support slots with some bands we like wouldn’t go amiss. 

We also spend a lot of time at local shows so you’ll see us about. 

Where can people find out more about you?

@ look terrified on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. See ya there 😉


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