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Who are you?
Khaki – I am a rapper from the Darlington area.

What is it you do?
I write and record my own rap music. I work closely with Nathan, my best mate, making music videos and everything else to go alongside the music.

How long have you been doing it?
I would say we have been doing it for almost 10 years now! I am a solo artist, but I say we because it’s a journey that me and Nath started together way back in secondary school at Hurworth. I first started by making cover songs of my favourite artists at the time like Drake and Lil Wayne, along with comedy tracks I made about our friendship group and teachers. We put these tracks into a project, fully packaged by ourselves and sold them around school. The project was called ‘Trial & Error’ – a perfect name for that and a great memory to look back on now! 

What inspires you?
I am inspired by so many different things when it comes to making music and also thinking of video ideas to go with the tracks! Obviously, my favourite artists inspire me all the time! If someone drops a track and it makes me feel a certain way, that can make me have to get to the studio and write a track! 

Normally it is just things that happen in my life, it can be positive or negative, but either way that’s when the writing starts flowing. Recent tracks I dropped were written when we have been in feel-good mode because fanbase wise we are doing great and I am getting to meet so many cool people through the music. An example of this would be the growing fanbase we have in Spain – Me and Nath travel over there now to meet with fans turned friends that we would never have met without the music. 

As well as this, I am starting to get recognition from some of the artists that I have always looked up to in the game! I have been working with Freebandz (Future’s record label) and I have learnt so much from the way they do things. All of these things play a big part in the inspiration for my work and if you check out my stuff you will hear it all in the lyrics all of the time!

Tell us about your music.
The work is different from anything you will hear. I have always wanted every element of the work to be unique from the way it is made, the people involved and the way it is all packaged as a final project. It has really turned into something more than just the music now. Me & Nath like to focus on constant improvement and also bringing new people into the team all of the time that are super talented and skilful at what they do! If you check out our recent release “Devil’s Kiss” we have Atlanta Records artist “Baby Goth” on the hook with a crazy vocal and the visuals to go along side it includes our very own suicide squad. Alanna Pittorino, front cover playboy model, El & Amy who you can see doing all sorts of tricks with fire and even more of the team doing their thing! I have a love and passion for what it is we do and I really think it is clear to see through our work.

What have you got coming up in the future?
Local lockdowns due to coronavirus have meant I have had a lot of time to write and record new music so there is a lot more to come in the near future. 

I have a track that I have been working on with Swae Lee – half of the group Rae Sremmurd and multiple time Number 1 artist from the USA around the rest of the world. I am obviously going crazy about this future release, but along with that we have more work with Freebandz CEO Casino where he jumps on one of my upcoming tracks. Super exciting times and I am looking forward to learning as always from these legends! 

Where can people find out more about you?
Check out my Instagram @khakimusic

Or you can find everything via the website 


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