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Who are you and where are you from?
We are Jam Tub and we’re a three-piece alternative new rock band from Durham. Made up of Michael Stott on vocals and guitar, Freddie Dobby on bass and Fergus Hamill on drums.

What is it you do?
We make big dirty radgy beefy songs that you can dance to.

How long have you been doing it?
We formed as a band in school at the start of last year, initially conceived as a two-piece rock project, but after some gigging together realised that we needed bass to improve our sound, thus got Freddie. He hadn’t even played bass that much before we got him, but he picked it up mad fast. 

What inspires you?
We all bring different influences to the table when it comes to writing music, it all definitely seeps into the writing process. It’s very obvious that we all have different inspirations.

Michael provides a dose of blues to Jam Tub’s sound, drawing influence from guitar players like Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler and John Mayer. Bands-wise he is inspired by groups like Foo Fighters, Aerosmith and The Beatles. 

Freddie brings in a raw punk sound to the band with his rattling basslines and is inspired by bands like Twenty-One Pilots, Def Leppard, Soft Play (Formerly Slaves), any hip hop or rap, basically the whole punk scene. Bassists-wise, guys like Paul Gray, Krist Novoselic and Paul Simonon. For style: Vivian Westwood. 

From the back, Fergus lays down big loud beats and takes inspiration from bands like Foo Fighters, Queens of The Stone Age, Queen and Nirvana. More recently bands like The Pale White, The Hives and Sleep Token. For drummers, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl, John Bohnam and Ben Thatcher. 

Tell us about your music.
Many have described our music to be mainly rock, punk, indie and a bit of grunge mixed in there. Honestly, the songs tend to differ quite a bit, some are more punk than others, some are softer and more mellow. Ideally, we can create a good mix in the set, to attract all types of listeners. We just like to dip our toes in whatever we fancy, and sometimes a song comes out of it.

What have you got coming up in the future?
At the moment we’ve just been working off the back of our first release ‘Riverside’ (which came out in December) and has been really well received, played on BBC Introducing and is constantly surpassing our expectations on streaming platforms.

This year we have some sick gigs coming up, including our first proper festivals, and more. We can’t say too much yet, but all will eventually be announced and revealed on our socials. 

Where can people find out more about you?
Find us primarily on Instagram.
We’re also on other socials which you can find here.

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