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Inspired by the country’s ever-declining political, social and mental state, Newcastle-based multi-genre quartet HMRC certainly have plenty to write about – albeit in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner. Having released new single Chloe Tells Me, the band introduce themselves…

Who are you and where are you from?

We’re called HMRC. We can’t say what it stands for, just know that the name is inspired by the EasyLife/EasyJet scandal and that made us also want to get sued for copyright infringement. We’re all from Newcastle (Lloyd, Duncan and Joe), apart from Arian, (our guitarist) who is somewhat of a European Vagabond.  

What is it you do? 

We’re a four-piece that plays our own unique brand of poetry-driven multi-genre (punk/math-rock/nu-metal/shoe-gaze) post-punk. We formed out of Lloyd’s (our frontman) desperate need for a vanity project and our collective need for a musical venture that didn’t require us to be disingenuous.

How long have you been doing it? 

We’ve been playing together since the start of 2023. We didn’t really expect this to get much further than a few practices and a drunken bust-up but it’s actually ended up being something that the band are really proud of! We are trying to get as much music written as possible until the inevitable Eno/Ferry band division sets in and the band crumbles.  

What inspires you? 

The UK is on its economic and cultural deathbed and 99% of us are being exploited by what is basically an imitation of a 15th Century feudal system. We feel compelled to write about this depressing era instead of personal relationships and emotions.  As individuals we view society through a cynical lens, but also want to deal with this distress in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner for the sake of our own sanity. Whether that’s writing about Miley Cyrus or the lack of funding to social housing in the North East, it’s a form.

Tell us about your music

Our inspirations are broad, as you can probably tell by our music to date. It’s been said: ‘We are like if Ian Dury had fronted the Pixies’.  The music we write has little hints to the inspirations that make us tick individually, and we write like every idea is completely original. If you think we’re ripping something off, chances are we’ve never even heard it! We work with Josh Ingledew at Blank Studios. From laying down the first take of our EP he clicked with our sonic direction.

Our latest single will be Chloe Tells Me, lyrically inspired by Brian Eno’s Cindy Tells Me, it blends a series of 1970s New York style guitar sounds with our own quiet/loud style. It’s out on 4th April on all the streaming platforms.


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