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Who are you and where are you from?
I Am G, The Wolf a storytelling writer from the moonlit streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What is it you do?
I narrate the observations of a young wolf in sheep’s clothing. The conscious being, expressing through spoken words , the wants and needs of boys and girls. The modern isolation of feeling like a lone wolf, a boy who cried wolf or feeling the big bad wolf. Speaking and rapping over modern soul and jazz beats home-cooked by CJG productions Chillingham Road, Heaton. 

How long have you been doing it?
I wrote poetry in school but hadn’t for 10 years. In September I had an awakening that quickly turned into lyrics and the ability to tell a story. I had the opportunity to freestyle at an open mic night, which led to an Instagram DM, expressing how he felt he was waiting for someone with my flow to go over his soul beats. The perfect storm.

What inspires you?
until last year, very little. Inspiration in my opinion is like anything else, it comes down to your perspective. Since I started writing again it inspires me every day that I can sum things up. Poetic justice. A beautiful gift, the ability to capture in words what other people are feeling. I could start really seeing. Using your mind, your ears, your eyes. Hearing a great piece of music, reading a great quote, and especially art are all inspirations to me Van Gough said…

 “Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high then life seems almost enchanted after all”

That’s what Howl At The Moon is inspired by, looking up and slowing everything down, the feeling that gives you a perspective on life that there is meaning seeing everything is meaningless. 

Tell us about your music.
My music is a narration, a fairytale of modern fables from finding new romance in Green Roses. The unsure insecurities of modern dating to a meditation chill-out peripheral vibe, lyrically and musically. Taking inspiration from UK artists Skepta, Loyle Carner, Lausse The Cat and Giggs – trying to reflect those tones in the album.

What have you got coming up in the future?
Howl At The Moon, a year in the making, is the debut album for G The Wolf. Dropping 07th July with a music video coming on the next full moon. Shoutout to Caviar Studios for the collaboration.

The project is also collaborating with several underground graffiti artists in the city that will be dropping wolf and character murals, with QR uplinks to the released and unreleased music. Scattered around the outskirts and central Newcastle- a breadcrumb trail for this modern fairytale. 

Where can people find out more about you?
Where can people find out more about me? 

The people can find me on Instagram at @g_the_wolf

…and standby for content dropping on the next full moon.


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