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Who are you?
Docksuns are a five-piece indie rock band hailing from Sunderland in North East of England. The band was put together by lead guitarist Neil Douthwaite who responded to an Instagram story of the now drummer, Glenn Laws, playing the guitar. Bringing in fellow friends James Baxter on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Steve Keogh on rhythm guitar and Adam Dawkins on bass, the band was made complete

What is it you do?
Wind each other up as much as humanly possible! At the moment we don’t do a great deal given the world’s current climate. We tried to zoom & pull together ideas as much as we could. I think I’d be speaking for all of the band when I say our favourite time of the week is when we closed the door behind us in the practice room and it’s just the five of us necking coffee and jamming out for hours. We try to pull together music that you can sing & dance to, we like our gigs to be energetic and for people to get involved as much as possible.

How long have you been doing it?
It’s been just over 1 year for Docksuns now, it’s been a fantastic year for us and we can’t believe how much we’ve come on.

What inspires you?
We would consider our biggest non-musical influence to be our home, Sunderland. Sunderland has a great history filled with culture, it’s proud of its links to shipbuilding which inspired naming the band. Artists such as Stereophonics, Arctic Monkeys, Catfish & Sam Fender to name a few are among mutual admiration between us, individually we take influence from all sorts of different genres we feel our music is inspired by the indie rock scene.

Tell us about your music.
We’ve tried and tried to put a label on our music so we can ‘fit in’ somewhere but as there are three members of the band actively writing music each song has a different sound to the last. I suppose we fall under indie rock, something which we are proud of. Every song has a clever meaning behind it once you unravel the lyrics, past experiences shape a lot of the writing process, there may be one or two about bad relationships..

What have you got coming up in the future?
We have the launch of our latest single, Dancing on the Radio which will be released Friday 5th of June. It sounds cliché but we are really proud of the track, a lot of work went into the production of it. We are hopefully back in the studio at the end of this month to record our latest little toe tapper.

Where can people find out more about you?
We are really keen to get people involved on Spotify, so if you’re reading this and have Spotify please give us a follow! The usual online spaces are below, again we try to be as active as possible and get people involved in our journey so please follow us here too!
Twitter: @DOCKSUNS
Instagram: @DOCKSUNS

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