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Laid-back singer-songwriter Darren Burdis has unveiled his new single, Scars On Your Memories. Burdis’ sound is typified by melancholic undertones and melodic beauty, in the vein of artists like John Frusciante, Elbow and Elliott Smith. Here, we find out all we can about the artist…

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Darren Burdis, a singer-songwriter from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

What is it you do?

I write, perform and record my own original songs, playing guitar and singing, as well as all the other things that go hand in hand with being an independent artist, from all the self-promotion to the DIY production and mastering.

How long have you been doing it?

I first became really interested in music in the 90s when Oasis released Definitely Maybe, that whole Britpop era was what I grew up with, the bands at that time were cool and made most people my age want to play in bands. I have quite an obsessive personality and I quickly started listening to all the bands that had influenced the people I was listening to and developed a wider more eclectic taste. In my late teens I joined a band with some school friends as rhythm guitarist. I co-wrote a lot of the songs and we played live all around Newcastle. I went on to a couple of other local bands after that, when I realised I wanted to be a singer but gave up on it all when I got into my mid-twenties and had to become an ‘adult’. I continued playing guitar and writing songs in my own time and at the end of 2022 decided to start releasing my songs solo. I love the whole process of song writing, from the first piece of inspiration all the way through to hearing that final recording.

What inspires you?

This is a question I always struggle to answer, because I have a lot of influences musically, but I don’t personally think they translate into how my music sounds. I mentioned earlier that Oasis were the band that really got me interested in music, largely because I think they made everything seem so much more accessible and relatable. They didn’t write anything that was overly complex but the songs were catchy and appealed to everyone at the time. Over time though my taste in music opened up more and I would say my biggest influences are Ghost, Foo Fighters, Bowie, Interpol, Elliott Smith, Elbow and Stone Sour. There are too many to mention really but they are the ones that really stick out for me. I like the melancholic stuff, the stories, the lyrics, that’s what really inspires me.

Tell us about your music

When I started releasing my solo material, I really tended to keep everything as simple and stripped back as possible. The earlier tracks are mainly just me and an acoustic guitar, but more recently I’ve started to add more elements to make that full band sound. I have yet to start playing my music live, so I’m trying to keep in the back of my mind how it would translate in that environment. Typically, when writing, I’ll start with a theme and a vocal line or a guitar part then just build up from there. The inspiration comes from a variety of places with themes covering heartbreak and breakups, mental health. My most popular release, In The Hands Of The Devil, is written from the perspective of a misunderstood individual who lacks a solid support network. It was mainly inspired after I watched the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix show, although less about the serial killing and more about the environment that shaped the actions.

What have you got coming up in the future?

I released my first single of 2024, We Left It Too Late, back in January and am following that up with my next release, Scars On Your Memories, which is a slightly heavier and rockier song than my previous releases and is all about arguments and the inevitable regret felt for things said in the heat of the moment when emotions are high.

Where can people find out more about you?

I’m on Twitter – @burdis_music and Instagram – @darren_burdis_music as well as all the other socials and streaming platforms. You can find all my links and updates in here


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