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Who are you and where are you from? 
My stage name and real life name is Chris Gill 

What is it you do? 
I’m an independent Singer-Songwriter who has written and released a full album (Into  The Light) and three singles (Collide, Tonight, The Cure). I’ve also released music videos on  my official YouTube channel and I perform live too. 

How long have you been doing it? 
Officially I began releasing music three years ago at the age of 21. My journey into the music  world however, began when I was 8 years old from the moment I held my first guitar.  

What inspires you? 
Music is a beautiful thing. It has the power to bring us together, It heals us, motivates us, to be the person we want to be and achieve the things we set our minds to. Some people may disagree  with that statement, but not only do I believe it’s true… I know it is. I’ve experienced all three of those  things in my life like most people, the only difference is that I set out to connect with those people  from the moment I did my first open mic gig. The buzz was so immense inside me that there and  then I decided I wanted to stop singing other people’s songs and start using my own experiences to connect with individuals outside of my bubble. My songwriting process has always been pretty  simple; if you can take something that is deep, and personal, and most of all genuine, and  transform that into a song then there’s a pretty good chance someone out there will have gone  through something either the same or very similar. That’s the beauty of music, it connects us and I want to be part of that.  

Tell us about your music. 
In the early days I had to really search my soul and find my inspiration for the kind of music that I  write, even now I have to be really sure that I can connect to a song I have written so I know that it’s going to enable me to connect to fans. In 2019, I began writing and recording my first  album Into The Light at Mirage Studios in Marske By The Sea and it took close to a year to  complete. The reason I was able to write such a mixture of songs came purely from my own life  experiences at the time, both good and bad. After achieving the goal I had always been  determined to fulfil, I wanted to continue to show people that I have more to offer, which is why in  2021 despite the difficulties of the pandemic I was able to start my next ambition of releasing  several Singles that reflected where I am in my life right now. They also represent the direction I want to go, in terms of the style of music I write, a good example is my song The Cure which is about to become available on all music platforms from 26th November. 

What have you got coming up in the future? 
My short term goals for the remainder of 2021 and early 2022 are to continue releasing  more singles, with a view to beginning the production of a second album later in 2022.  

Where can people find out more about you? 
Find links to my music and social media here.

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