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Who are you?
My name is Charlie Soulsby I am the Founder & Director at Park Avenue Records.

What is it you do?
A few years back, an idea developed to create a new platform on social media to aid creatives in the North East. I realised that I had so many friends who couldn’t get support as easily as others, who already had a foothold in their creative scene so in 2018 I came up with the idea of NE Rising with some help from my friend Liam (Stidolph). We essentially opened a new door, bringing with it a community full of gifted people who support each other. Then we would go on to use the platform to focus on the ‘rising’ talent in our region, getting a fantastic reception initially. For the most part, we’ve concentrated on music/events, due to natural growth and our urban appeal.

I noticed the market for a label up here a year or so back and have been planning it since. Unfortunately, our launch party at ThinkTank? had to be cancelled due to the virus, so I’m taking this time to take a step back from NE Rising (not completely), but focus more on our label and getting some great underground music out there from all across the region and further.

How long have you been doing it?
I’ve been planning Park Avenue Records for around 8 months, I think. I’ve been involved in the local underground music scene since 2018.

What inspires you?
Family, friends, life and of course… music. I question my own energy sometimes, in terms of where it comes from. I think it comes from the strong relationships I’ve built over the past few years. There’s a lot of trust, support and positivity in my circle. I believe in my friends, as well as others, and they believe in me. It amazes me that I’ve managed to combine all 4 into my work station. I’m just going to keep doing my thing, like Sam (Eyeconic) is always telling me to do.

Tell us about your work.
I play the role of promoter, manager/agent (to an extent) and philanthropist. I concentrate my energy on what attracts my focus, for example, my friends. They are constantly trying to impress me and the team with creative content, be it musical, art or business projects and I love it. Recently I’ve found myself surrounded by some of the most talented, down to earth and motivated individuals. I’m more than thankful for this, which has given me the drive to go extra lengths for those around me, and as many others as I can.

Like I say… I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many amazing people that NE Rising has naturally grown into a team of some it’s most loyal supporters. I can’t thank certain people enough, if P Mann hadn’t come up to me on a night out and showed off his early bars, I don’t know where I’d be right now. His presence has hugely impacted our growth and he is often undeservedly overlooked. Tom Collins (Too Common) has also played a huge role in the BTS of everything, from organising events to performing, production to graphic design. I’d like to give a special mention to Josh Stokoe (&Koe/Instagram) for some of the artwork and designs he has produced for us. Then, along came Mae (Hyman), the one person I didn’t realise I needed – she’s got the knowledge, persistence and drive which has kept me going through all this. It’s crazy to think that our lockdown circumstances encouraged a chance encounter. We spent some time isolating in the same house, working on launching the label. It wouldn’t be what it is now without her involvement.

What have you got coming up in the future?
Difficult one. As far as I’m concerned, the virus has given me a chance to take a break and work from my home office. Once it’s all over, I have about 8 projects to release which will coincide nicely with a post-lockdown world. Unfortunately, I like to keep things to myself. I value discretion and believe that if you talk too much, you never end up going the full distance. I’ll be announcing these projects later in the year.

Where can people find out more about you?
Park Avenue Records:

NE Rising:

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